Happy Anniversary ¡Retumba!

Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 10:10

It was an appropriate method of celebrating International Women's Day, as couple of hundred fans joined ¡Retumba! as they celebrated an amazing 33 years of percussion packed music and dance performance art..

The standing room only crowd, which included several City Islander who came out to support their neighbors happily danced and sang along the lively musical rhythms and this all female performance ensemble, which knows how to entertain and truly engage their audiences.

The employees of The Bronx Main Library Center 310 East Kingsbridge Road Bronx, NY 10458
went out of their way to stop people from taking photos and shooting videos. During a few strange occasions, some attendees who were dancing were even asked to sit down. Chief enforcer and Head Librarian Michael Alvarez said not even members of the press could take photos and refused to answer further questions, referring us to the NYPL Public Relations spokesman, who was conveniently not present and therefore unavailable at the venue today.

¡Retumba! performed their latest new single “A Dream Come True” as well as some favorites from Peru, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Meanwhile, the group leaders were delighted with the huge turnout and said they were truly blessed to be able to celebrate their 33rd Anniversary, calling "a wonderful journey."

¡Retumba! songs can be purchased on Itunes, Amazon or CD Baby: