The Future Is Female

Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/17/2018 - 11:15

The most consequential change was clear on election night: with Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump faces a real challenge for the first time since his inauguration and American women will take the lead.

With a hundred women in Congress and in a voter-suppressed gerrymandered map, 40 new Democrats is not a blue wave, it's Blue tsunami. Also, The Orange County Curtain is being washed by the number of Latinos serving in Congress. Hispanics will rise to a record 43 when the new session begins in January. And the winner is... Orange County, California, Democrat Gil Cisneros.

When #WomenRule and the Democratic Party elects Hillary Clinton the new #USA #HouseSpeaker it will put her back on top.

A majority of #Americans voted for her in 2016 and this could be the key for Democrats #DONews #CityImages #ikigai

The Constitution is silent on that question, saying simply, The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers. The Clerk of the House agrees with the office of the House Historian, which says the speaker has always been but is not required to be a House Member.

A majority of #Americans voted for her in 2016 and this could be the key for #Democrats. And Trump's nonsense about locking her up is just that. If she had broken the law, don't' you think the GOP would have her in jail?

US Popular vote 65,853,514
Percentage of Voters 48.2%

Now that the Democrats overran Congress during 2018 midterm elections, they still don't have enough votes to remove @POTUS and @VP from office. However, if Robert Mueller's investigations point to credible criminal acts, things could then change radically. Former federal prosecutor tells MSNBC why Mueller may already have filed 18 sealed indictments…

The next Speaker needs to be strong, smart, and strategic. The best persons for the job are either @NancyPelosi or @HillaryClinton ‏- @TheDemocrats need to advance their commitment to progressive policies that fueled historic victories.

Of the 32 new Rhodes Scholars just chosen, the majority and a newrecord 21 are women and almost half are immigrants or first generation Americans. One is undocumented and under DACA. They constitute another reminder that immigration can enrich America.



What are the enemies of freedom and justice?

Aldous Leonard Huxley was a real stable genius. He was an English writer, novelist, and philosopher. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class honors degree in English literature. He moved to the United States, where he lectured. #Huxley outlined this infamous warning 60 years ago.

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