Poking The Dragon

Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 10:15

A really good presentation should always include excellent images and less text since a picture is worth over one thousand words.

Who do these men appear to be laughing at, who is not really laughing and why do you suppose that is? He said trade wars were easy to win, so why do American consumers, farmers, and taxpayers keep losing?

China is a very diverse country of multiple markets, many minorities, and it's changing all the time, so it may be difficult for most to keep up.

PRC is no longer Communist in the way Westerners have a knee-jerk reaction to that C word. The Peoples Republic of China is run more like a multinational corporation. It's like General Motors, IBM, or GE and led by real stable geniuses with engineering and economics degrees. These leaders think long-term and systematically and welcome solutions presented constructively, in private settings.

Did you know the Chinese have mandatory 2-week training for everyone who works in government? Many overseas experts have come in to help present solutions, with conversations, and open up collaboration opportunities.

Their culture emphasizes saving face means it really doesn't help change things in China by critiquing it in public or doing protests on the streets. During private dialogues, over dinner and drinking, the Chinese culture allows for an open and self-effacing. It's not that Chinese don't know there are issues, it is just trying to figure out how to get to a solution that works in the China context. Help it see a solution and they will jump on it with policies, investments, pilots at any size scale.

I have visited China several times, as my wife was born there and my inlaws still live there. Shanghai is a metropolis of nearly 30 million people and a stunning sight for even a long-time New Yorker like myself.

However, the massive population means that control is of utmost importance. If you've been in situations where one bad apple spoils the batch and a person can set up the behavior of a mob. I can say that felt safe while visiting because of the Chinese-style rules of behavior... As long as you don't poke the dragon.