Donald Distorts

Submitted by ub on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 03:40
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Does POTUS prove time and again that he is an unfit Commander-in-Chief and compared against Joe Biden who had a son in the US military understands the responsibility of service to our nation?

Trump told reporters he'd like to heal America’s racial wounds with "law and order." One of the reasons why Donald Trump is losing is that he can't disassociate himself from right-wing extremists, while Joe Biden has successfully Separated himself from all left-wing extremists.

‘Cruel, crass, and illegal’: The Democrats slam the unethical inclusion of Trump-signed letters in federal food boxes.

How can a president who was impeached for breaking the law, who spread chaos and has constantly lied to the American people while he protects his taxes that possibly reveal deep Russian ties can seriously rely on saying he supports law and order?

Look at both men, including their family ties and long-established history of lies and deceptions, and decide who is the right man to turn America around from four disastrous years that have brought this nation back forty years to the days of sweat and national fear.

How will you explain to our next generation how it was okay to sell our nation out to rich fat cats who counted their fortunes playing golf and watching TV while #WeThe People grew increasingly sick, tired and millions got sick while thousands died a slow and excruciating death as a result of national neglect?

The answer is to cast your early ballots and let your vote be your voice. Why are the Russians supporting a stable genius?