I’m What I Am

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/24/2021 - 12:25
I was born in an island and still live in one.

I was born in Cuba the most beautiful Caribbean island on planet earth. Today I still live in one, City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise.

Since I was a young man working for Marvel Photo, I dreamed of being a good manager and worked towards diligently accomplishing my professional goal. I researched then honed the following skills leading to a progressively responsible and successful career path. Here are five favorites. BTW I know that the preposition "ON" with the word "ISLAND", but I remember reading a rule that states: Use "on" with "island" if the island is small or not inhabited. Use "in" with "island" if the island is big and inhabited by many people. There are thousands of happy folks that are also glad to live here.

Like Popeye, I am a nautical man who not only likes spinach and my wife has been compared to Olive, I like to laugh, kid around, and never take myself too seriously.


Creative and technical, problem-solving skills are universal and can apply to any occupation and industry. 42 percent of hiring managers chose it as a favorite response. Compared to other strengths, problem-solving can feel like a more concrete skill that yields immediate benefits. Focusing on problem-solving implies that a candidate also has other skills including critical thinking, strategic thinking, and leadership. My digital skills include Drupal.


32 percent of hiring managers chose communication as a top answer to the strengths question. In my case, multilingual communication encompasses not only speaking skills, but also an ability to lead, critique, and ask for help, being adept in various communication methods also shows emotional intelligence.


30 percent of hiring managers said that time management is a desirable ability in any candidate. A way to show good time management skills is through a healthy work-life balance. Hiring managers may not ask about my personal life, but by sharing hobbies or volunteer projects, I also prove that I have the ability to manage and juggle multiple obligations.


In a day where transparency is becoming increasingly valued, honesty is an important strength for any position; 21 percent of hiring managers like to hear this. Hiring managers want to know the candidate is trustworthy in a position. It can be difficult to maintain a workplace that fosters integrity, especially in heavily competitive industries. If the person is going to be in a management role, it is even more important to have demonstrable honest skills. To demonstrate my honesty, I like sharing a time when I made a mistake and how I resolved it. The hiring manager is able to grasp my ability to handle difficult situations, and honestly interpret the response, and the ability to learn from them.


Rounding out the top-five answers is determination, mentioned by 20 percent of hiring managers as being important. Determination shows that I know what I'm looking for in my next role and beyond. I demonstrate my determination by sharing where I see myself in the future. Hiring managers want to meet applicants who aren’t just looking for longevity with their organization but searching for someone who has personal plans that they are constantly working towards.

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