Republican Deadly Sins

Submitted by ub on Sun, 11/01/2020 - 06:37

I have no political affiliation. I am not a registered Democrat, nor a Republican, although I did work for the last GOP President who really served this great nation as a decorated member of the US Military, as a Congressman, CIA Director, Vice president, and POTUS41 George, HW Bush.

Years later, following decades of Trump's questionable and unacceptable practices, the GOP chose to follow a less than admirable loser to lead their party to ruins, and they got royally flocked after his actions included Greed, Envy, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, the likes of which had never ever been seen before. These deadly sins are known as the capital vices within Christian teachings and directly give rise to other immoralities. So as the infamous philosopher has said on the record... It is what it is. 

Now the chickens have come home to roost on this Sunday before their Tuesday of reckoning.and as The Lord Almighty looks over his flock realizing the original deadly sins were inspired by his perpetual struggle of animalistic instincts in an attempt to give in to an egotistical need for power and not control his emotions.

Will Republicans eventually wonder if it was wise to postpone gratification today for tomorrow’s rewards? Should they have served the public by seeking the greater good and sacrifice their own needs for the good of others? Was it their inability to achieve this level of control that makes the sins as relevant in 2020 as they have ever been and no group may know this better than The Grand Old Party, which sooner or later must repent?

Part of the reason they are so prone to sin probably has to do with a tendency to underestimate the strength of deep primal drives, in what psychologists call a ‘cold state’. For example, inside a controlled group and faced with the challenge of keeping a chocolate bar for a week without eating it, those who’d just eaten tended to make the mistake of picking their favorite. Of course, this ramped up the temptation and they ended up being less successful at the task than hungry ones who took the same challenge, and who at the time of their gluttonous drives, wisely chose a less tempting snack bar. 

Understanding the Paradox of Self-Defeating Behavior. Each of the deadly sins can be seen as a failure or breakdown of the deadly sins. Remember to vote like your life depends on it because it does and that of your children and their kids...etc.