A GOP Blame Game

Submitted by ub on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 08:05

Trump is the “proud” owner of a government shutdown — his third. And he doesn’t seem to care and neither does the @GOP

His threat of an extended shutdown is far less of a concern to the president than not making good on his central campaign pledge to build a border wall and looking like a fraud, according to White House aides and Trump allies. Trump spends his time digging in on his position behind closed doors, meeting with hard-line conservatives and signaling through his top aides that he could stomach a closure that could drag on well into the new year @POTUS and @GOP own the federal government shutdown.

This holiday chaos comes following a @WhiteHouse temper tantrum along with a series of Cabinet shakeups and a stock market rout and turbulence from the Republican congressional ranks over the president’s decision to pull troops from Syria and scale back the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

Amid all the disarray, Trump is resuming a partisan mantle he views as a unifier for the right: border warrior.

Trump said he would take credit for shutting down the government but as usual has now tried to pin the blame on Democrats after saying that he would be proud to shut down the government over the border wall, suggesting that all Americans are with him on the issue.

POTUS made up the idea of a southern border wall a “total winner,” even as polls show that majorities of Americans don’t support the structure, is marching out senior administration officials to assert that he’s been “very clear” about his expectations for funding various physical barriers.

Trump did not arrive voluntarily at his latest choice to pursue the wall at all costs. He came under withering attacks from conservatives notably commentators and hosts who appear on Fox News who urged the president to veto a Senate-approved bill without wall funding that would have averted the shutdown... TV or no TV... That is the question?

As we look ahead to what we can expect from #TrumpRussia, #MuellerProbe, and #Congress in 2019. A few words Stay tuned and Buckle up, its bound to get bumpy before #USA can once again enjoy 😊 smooth sailing.

All Americans agree on border security. However #Democrats must do as #Republicans have done - Repeat 1 big point that seals the case, as: “Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall”

Now, nearly half of Americans polled blame @POTUS for the partial government shutdown, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

More Americans blame Trump for the government shutdown: Reuters/Ipsos poll https://reut.rs/2LAQbpK

Poll: 47% of Americans blame Trump for government shutdown https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/poll-47-americans-blame-…