A Formidable Heroine

In a hero’s journey, women have been delegated to the background, Heroine Daisy Veerasingham will change the face of The AP 

Like myself, Daisy is also an immigrant, my friend, and a former colleague. Ms. Veerasingham came to The AP from #LexisNexis in 2004 as sales director for AP Television News in London. I was then serving as APTN New York Bureau Chief. Ms. Daisy began driving content licensing and marketing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, leading the company’s expansion efforts.

This amazing powerbroker will surely get the job done. Veerasingham joined AP in 2004 as a sales director for AP Television News in London. She eventually became responsible for content licensing and marketing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, leading the company’s expansion efforts.

She will undoubtedly put a 175-year-old news agency at the center of the global journalism story. With all her bullets points she may have the necessary ammunition required to win the war against fake news and global misinformation. 

A record of improvement, customer-focused growth, strategic development, value creation, efficiency, and implementation 
Taken loss-making divisions and turned them around
Consistently grown revenue at better than market growth
Extensive experience of multiple revenue models - advertising, licensing & rights, variable (ad hoc)
Drives operational effectiveness and business transformation to achieve sustainable financial results
Successful team builder and operations leader
Results-orientated business builder with global expertise
Creative and innovative strategic thinker and client relationship executive
Business integration post-acquisition and energetic team leader and strong implementer

1849-51                      Alexander Jones, General Agent

1851-66                      Daniel Craig, General Agent

1866-83                      James W. Simonton, General Agent

1883-93                      William Henry Smith, General Manager

1893-1921                  Melville E. Stone, General Manager

1921-25                      Frederick Roy Martin, General Manager

1925-48                      Kent Cooper, General Manager

1948-62                      Frank J. Starzel, General Manager

1962-75                      Wes Gallagher, General Manager

1975-84                      Keith Fuller, General Manager

1984-2003                  Louis D. Boccardi, President and CEO

2003- 2012                 Thomas Curley, President, and CEO

2012- 2021                 Gary Pruitt, President, and CEO

2022-                          Daisy Veerasingham, President and CEO

While the world prepares to usher in 2022, AP EVP and COO Daisy Veerasinghamwill be taking over the reins and become the first woman at the world’s oldest news cooperative, so stay tuned for many surprises.

This is truly a historic moment for the news agency that brought the world journalism from Samuel Langhorne Clemens, best known by his pen name Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and so many others. https://www.ap.org  https://apnews.com/