Fantasy vs Facts

Submitted by ub on Fri, 02/01/2019 - 07:18

President Trump doesn't have the best record on telling the truth, and dismissing our intelligence community endangers all of US.

CSPAN: "Did you talk to your intelligence chiefs today about the displeasure you had with their…"

POTUS: "I did. They said that they were totally misquoted, and they were totally – it was taken out of context…The said it was fake news."

The US intelligence leadership has said nothing about the news coverage. They testified frankly about intelligence that does not support what#Trump is saying. There are transcripts and recording to support their comments. Global Threats and National Security @CSPAN…

Trump completely reversed his attack on the intelligence chiefs showing he has no idea what’s going on

The President of the United States is acting like a puppet of Russia just like a banana republic dictator Trump's claim that his intelligence chiefs were 'misquoted' after he wrongly criticized them for stating the facts.

Global Threats and National Security @CSPAN…

'They are wrong!' Donald Trump crosses swords with #USA Intelligence chief Dan Coats – AGAIN

Trump has chosen to take orders from Russian president Vladimir Putin and listen to his #KGB propaganda rather than top U.S. intelligence facts. Trump is expected to formally withdraw from a key agreement with #Russia that has kept the development of nuclear missiles in check.

Ask yourself the following question and then react, is POTUS in touch with reality or being manipulated by our adversaries? Why are we giving the Russians the benefit of the doubt?

Americans must demand the president puts the nation and its security before his personal interests. Tell him he works for #USA.