Filthy Days and Nights

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With 50 days remaining before the election, the #USA political #CamPain mudslinging is going to get uglier every night and day.

In fact, @POTUS @GOP @realDonaldTrump was back on the #CamPain trail last night with an almost mask-free indoor event in Nevada. But TV crews stayed outside over COVID safety concerns. Trump got the crowd to chant lock him up seemingly refering to #POTUS44 President Obama, who is not running. This, only days after his own Justice Department affirms there is no evidence #Obama wiretapped #Trump. #CULT45 got the overwhelmingly unmasked crowd to a frenzy in which they projected airborne spittle throughout the building in an attempt to jail his predecessor for a made-up crime.

The most vulnerable US Senators are Arizona's Martha McSally, Colorado's Cory Gardner, Georgia's David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler, Maine's Susan Collins, North Carolina's Thom Tillis, Montana's Steve Daines, and Iowa's Joni Ernst.

This, according to the Cook Political Report, which is an independent online newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns for the United States Senate and The House of Representatives, Governor's offices, and the American Presidency.

It was founded by political analyst Charlie Cook in 1984. Coverage of Senate and Gubernatorial races are headed up by Editor Jessica Taylor and coverage of House races

Ratings published by the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan online newsletter that focuses on election and campaign analyses, suggest McSally's re-election race against Democratic challenger Mark Kelly will most likely result in a loss for the Republican incumbent. The report categorizes the remaining seats, except Loeffler's, as toss-ups.

Why @JoeBiden Leading the #USA polls really matters. The former vice president's #American #CamPain lead over @POTUS is an important sign of our times. #RegisterToVote #DONews

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