GOP Presidency: Cancer to Pandemic

Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/23/2020 - 08:52

Over the years the Republican Party has transformed the American presidency from American Cancer to an International Pandemic.

Back in June 1973, a lawyer close to a GOP president turned decisively and damagingly against him. John Dean described the use of hush money, designed to influence the outcome of the 1972 presidential election. President Richard M. Nixon was part of that criminal conspiracy. He warned of cancer in the presidency.

In the case of Trump's fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohenanother lawyer close to the president testified about a high-level cover-up, including the use of hush money, designed to influence the 2016 election. accusing President Donald J Trump of directing this violation.

This is different from a daily dose of political news and information content. These are infections in the Republican presidencies. Both were credibly accused of not only violating civic norms but of their personal involvement in a criminal enterprise.

Nixon was smart and realized that he had to resign, but we can’t make the same assumption for Trump, but if he were not the TV watching and golf playing president, he would have already been indicted, convicted, and would be facing jail time.

this is like Watergate 2.0 #USA intelligence is warning that Russians are still interfering in our democratic process. In 2016, #Putin ordered intelligence agencies to create chaos in our system using a combination of social media manipulation, propaganda, and other dirty tricks. Add to the charges, that Russia not only helped Trump win the election, but continues to this date, according to a US Senate bipartisan committee report_volume5.pdf - report_volume5.pdf, a Justice Department investigation, and an increasing amount of American intelligence assessments.

On March 21, 1973, President Richard Nixon met with White House Counsel John W. Dean, III. Recording devices in the Oval Office of the White House captured this conversation. In this conversation segment, John Dean advises President Nixon on the problems related to the Watergate burglars, including continued blackmail, risk of obstruction of justice.