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A shout out all, who've been blessed with the responsibility and the pleasure of being called DAD, Godfather, or Grandpa. We're all fairly fabulous and fortunate fellows.

I was born in La Habana, CUBA... This pearl of the Caribbean conjures up images of a gorgeous island ravished by history and politics. It channels in me many positive memories, along with the spirits of José Martí, Desi Arnaz, Ernesto Lecuona, Benny Moré, Guillermo Alvarez Guedes and so many other Cubanos...etc.

I'm the youngest of three sons from a professional couple, whose ancestors came from Europe. Margarita, my mother was a teacher, and Antonio, my father was an attorney and architect. The value of education, fair play and community service were made crystal clear.

My parents were also intelligent, witty, hard-working and religious. They always made an effort to enjoy family time and also encouraged us to value health and to respect gender, nationality and race. Also, to compete in sports and to provide community services. After we arrived in the United States, my folks both found jobs as social workers.

As a young boy, I went to grammar school in Cuba, but I attended high school in the US. Later on as an undergraduate student, I received a BFA and then went on to earn advanced degrees. I've always been fascinated by communications and higher education.

In media, I served in various content development and management positions. In academia, I've enjoyed a few distinguished visiting professorships and guest lecturer positions at several private colleges, and public universities.

An interest in travel, life long learning, as well as visual, performing arts, cultures, languages and media, combined with community involvement, has helped me to be a just and fair team player, a gentle leader and an effective motivator.

Over the years, I've been extremely fortunate to have successfully managed several media start ups and turnaround projects, which required overseeing large staffs and larger budgets.

I've served in various high profile positions. English and Spanish-language Senior Producer, Executive Producer and News Director, US Government Division Chief, Cable TV Station Manager, Bureau Chief for the world's oldest non profit news cooperative, Executive Director at a NYC Media firm and Professor at various US Colleges and Universities.

I continued volunteering. These two online: *

However, my best and proudest tittle by far has been that of DaD, UB, Grandpa, or GB, as my grandchildren like to call me. My kids are the very best I could have hoped and prayed for. My God-children and grandchildren are even better than I could have ever imagined.

I will always love all of you... DaD, UB, GB ;-)

On this Fathers Day Weekend, I'd like to pay tribute to all dads, even those who may not have been around for various reasons. Former US President William Jefferson Clinton's father passed away before he was born. President Barack Obama rarely saw his pop and the last time he saw him, he was 10. Apple's Steve Jobs never knew his biological father and later he decided he didn't want to meet him. The Beatles John Lennon's father was fighting World War 2 during John's childhood and resurfaced only during the height of the rock group's fame. It's a counter-intuitive phenomenon that either psychologists and sociologists can't understand. Kids with fractured, or nonexistent relationships with one or both of their birth parents are more likely to end up with behavioral problems not leading large countries, groups, corporations, or global movements. But in these high-profile cases, the circumstances seemingly helped to create in each individual a thirst and a strong drive to succeed and to challenge the status quo. Amazon's chief executive, Jeff Bezos also fits the mold. His mother, Jacklyn Gise, gave birth to baby Jeffrey when she was 17 years old, and he never really knew his biological father. I was there when both of my daughters were born, and stayed off and on untill their teenage years. My daughters, Natasha and Sabrina are all grown up now, but I was away and often wonder if it was worth being apart from them as long as I did. When ask myself if my career was that important? The truthful answer is absolutely not and there isn't much of an explanation that will entirely resolve my daughter's concerns about their sometimes absent father. This is an issue that will come up more times over the course of our lives, as my daughters ask these questions. Presently, I'm living on the east coast and they're on the west coast, I've always loved you both and I always will, including my four grand kids Elena, Chloe, Sophia and Parker. I will love always DaD / GB