His Unrestful Life

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No rest for the weary and he will surely become more run down at his old age. This first day of the rest of his life will only get more difficult, Humpty falls from his wall. That, I can tell you.

Once there was a day to get his way or to getaway without a nay but that’s no longer what lays ahead for an old obese one who’s full of himself as his family and friends begin to turn their backs on him.

A new Congress full of diversity with a woman speaker named Pelosi says that she will not agree to one dollar for a wall. A shutdown is not the answer. If politicians can't do their jobs without extortion and insist it is an element of political debate, they should go home, or #WeThePeople should fire them.

In fact, they passed with bi-partisan support two bills to re-open government. Both have now earned GOP votes in the US Senate and the House.

Nancy Pelosi of California elected House speaker, reclaiming gavel to lead Democrats In taking back democracy.

The 116th Congress had convened, including a new Democratic majority in the House after female candidates spearheaded gains for the party during the 2018 midterms. The House speaker says that America can expect a "different world" from the last two years.

She and her Democratic colleagues plan to take control of such issues as the deaths of migrant children and the protection of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. And they will have subpoena power, giving them new leverage in the clashes.

The members of a new Congress will carry out their constitutional duty, and put the rule of law and our nation's security first.

The new progressive majority in the US House of Representatives has passed a plan to reopen our government. As they work #ForThePeople #WeThePeople are in charge and we must speak up. deargovernment.info https://deargovernment.info/ dearmrpresident.org https://dearmrpresident.org/