Journalism Now More Than Ever

Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/26/2019 - 10:48

We The People may no longer be able to count on equal justice for all. Congress is not doing its job, and our system of checks and balances is slowly disappearing, so the news media must help sort out this mess.

Journalists give comfort to those afflicted by Fatcats who hide from the truth and it is up to the free press to expose any abuse.

Which international fat-cat called another a rocketman and is now being called a broken man, a caveman, and a Wimp? He broke under pressure, fearful, and didn't get the job done, there are a whole lot wimps out there which need to be called out.

Let's call Individual #1 WIMP POTUS who rolled out his white flag from The White House and surrendered with no concrete wall to show. He swallowed the same deal which he rejected last year, forcing a 35-day #USA lockout this year. The longest government shutdown in American history came to an end after he agreed to temporarily reopen shuttered federal agencies without providing any money for the same border wall he had assured everyone #Mexico would pay for.

The good news is that federal government workers are back to work and getting paid again, but remember that US Senate Republicans and Democrats passed the same deal 37 days ago, but POTUS refused to sign it. Then he shut down the government locking out workers and doing much damage to @USAgov. The American people deserve better and should never have to endure this again.

Why has #Trump tormented public servants and damaged the American economy by approximately $6 Billion dollars after holding the government hostage, achieving nothing, An artistic deal? Is anyone tired of winning?

POTUS began 2019 in disaster mode and now with the year of the Pig about to begin, public servants in DC may be fixing a massive pot roast celebration for all #Americans.

The #DumpTrump drumbeat grows louder not just from liberals, but from so-called deplorable s like Tucker, Lou, and Ann, who calls him a real wimp. Ann Coulter finally comes clean on Trump: "I'm a very stupid girl"…

Tucker Carlson bashes capitalism, says he might vote for Elizabeth Warren…

Lou Dobbs rips Trump's move to end shutdown: "The radical Dems are taking victory laps" laps"

‪Watch The Washington Post’s message: ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’

Will @USAgov have another shutdown? Only if #Trump truly owns the Republican Party. As #POTUS approval ratings continue to spiral downward, is it possible the #RNC and @GOP can't see the forest from the trees?

As an unethical, dishonest spycho faces justice. #WeThePeople hope the trail follows the winding and slippery orange brick road, because incompetence may not be enough but political corruption and other crimes will.