POTUS Crushed

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After hitting a wall https with Congress when twelve Senate Republicans joined with Democrats in support of a measure terminating the president’s national “emergency” declaration to fund a border wall, POTUS immediately promised via Tweet to veto the bill.

Trump is apparently crushed that he has lost GOP control as 12 Senate Republicans vote with Democrats to kill his border emergency. His embarrassing reprimand from members of his own party did not begin when they voted on a resolution disapproving of his declaration of emergency over the border.

POTUS had a double-trouble rebuke from Congress in one week which sets up the first veto of his administration, showing cracks in his ability to make a deal, or keep Republicans under his control.

The first crush was on Wednesday when the Republican-controlled Senate rejected military support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen. Now, senators crushed his declaration of an emergency on the southern border.

The US Senate voted to uphold the Constitution and approved a resolution blocking @POTUS national emergency declaration, by a vote of 59-41.

Senate GOP members earlier tried to head off the vote of disapproval by drafting legislation to curtail the president’s emergency powers in the future, potentially giving political cover to some senators to stand with Trump in his efforts to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border without specific approval from Congress.

However, Trump rejected this, telling GOP senators he could not support a bill that would have amended the National Emergencies Act to automatically end presidential emergency declarations after 30 days unless Congress votes to extend the emergency.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer closed out the debate on a resolution blocking the president's national emergency declaration to deal with the situation on the southern border with Mexico.

After all, was said and done, The Senate then voted 59-41 to approve the resolution terminating the national emergency declaration. The measure now goes to the president and is expected to be vetoed.

Schumer said the votes capped a week of something the American people haven’t seen enough of the past two years:

Both parties in the United States Senate standing up to President @realDonaldTrump.

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