The Real Deal

Submitted by ub on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 09:09
You vote is your voice

America needs a real leader who is an expert, not an apprentice. We need a unifier, not a divider. We must insist on a successful businessman, not one who's been bankrupt. We The People need The Real deal.

A leader who serves our nation, not his family, one who embraces our allies, not our adversaries, one who pays taxes, not hides them from sight, one who will tell it like it is, not continue lying to us. We The People need a role model for our children and not a foul-mouthed adulterer... etc.

We need real leadership... One who expects and models excellence and self-direction. This pacesetting style works best for the team to be motivated and seeks results.

A leader who works to create emotional bonds that bring a feeling and belonging where people come first. This style works best in times of stress when we need to heal and rebuild trust. This should not be used exclusively, because a sole reliance on praise and nurturing fosters mediocre performances and direction.

A coaching leader develops people for the future. This works best when the leader wants to help build lasting personal strengths that make us more successful overall. It is least effective when folks are defiant and unwilling to change or learn, or if the leader lacks proficiency.

A leader who mobilizes the team toward a common vision and focuses on end goals, leaving the means up to each individual. It works best when the nation needs a new vision because circumstances have changed. This leader inspires an entrepreneurial spirit and a vibrant enthusiasm for the mission. It is not the best fit when the leader is working with experts who know more than they do.

A democratic leader builds consensus through participation. The digital democratic style is most effective when the leader needs the team to buy into or have ownership of a decision, plan, or goal, or if he or she is uncertain and needs fresh ideas from everyone. It is the best choice when everyone participates and informed enough to offer sufficient guidance for our future.

Medicare by $850b
Medicaid by $270b
Social Security by $30b
Food stamps by $181b
Education by 8%
Health & Human Services by 9%
EPA by 26%
US Parks by 13%
Housing by 15%

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