WANTED: Legislators with Spines

Submitted by ub on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 08:48

In an effort to convince lawmakers of the need for an American Jobs Plan, POTUS met with a bipartisan group and made the case that clean water and broadband internet are also a part of the infrastructure and that he will negotiate details of the final plan for Democracy.

The problem now is to separate the grain from the straw. Separating remaining loose chaff from the grain is called winnowing traditionally done by repeatedly tossing the grain up into a light wind which gradually blows the lighter chaff away. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you remove the husk from the grain?

He will come all ready to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to clear the rubbish from his threshing floor. The wheat he will gather into his barn and the chaff he will burn with a fire that cannot be put out.

Most Democrats, Republicans, and Independents so far give Joe Biden and Kamala Harris good grades for their leadership. What some legislators don't get yet is that POTUS and VP oversized relief packages are welcomed as a new start for America.

Three in four Americans approve of Congress passing the economic relief package as it continues to draw wide support. Large majorities of Democrats and independents, along with nearly half of Republicans, approve of passage.

Blind faith loyalists in Congress have falsely equated the violent rhetoric and brazen lies of a stolen election to the Black Lives Matter movement or anything else they can find. The real question has to be who is really responsible for inciting the riot, which resulted in five deaths that day, including a police officer. Two other police officers, who responded to the attack killed themselves days after?

it was 160 yrs ago today, that Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, launching a war to secure the ugly principle that some people were created to be dominated by their masters. Thankfully the Confederacy was defeated, though at unfathomable national cost. Today’s insurrectionists want to refight this losing war.

As the world burns, it’s sad to see so many leaders remain in denial. Anyone who has led an organization knows that if you are a leader in your organization, then chances are you have had to make a difficult decision or two. From employees’ personal issues to dilemmas, sometimes the job provides more challenge than anyone bargained for. 

There is only one United States of America. Anyone who to sells us out to Russia, North Korea, China, or any other nation is a traitor. 

Let us not allow history to repeat itself. If there was ever the very best opportunity to break the tired and treacherous traditions of white nationalism in our civic institutions, it is time to do it now.

Propaganda is made and distributed just as quickly and universally as ammunition. In this political image above, all of the men bent over are labeled "spineless leaders of democracy", representing those who appeased Hitler as he took over. The man walking over them is Hitler himself, representing how the Allies just let the Germans do as they please in Europe and didn't fight back as he trampled over them to get to the top. This image by the British cartoonist David Low appeared in the Evening Standard newspaper in July 1936.