World Press Freedoms?

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To celebrate World Press Freedom Day #CITYIMAGES sends a special greeting to our fellow journalists, reporters, photographers, editors, editors, producers, students any profession involved in narrating a reality or disseminating news.

On this 25th anniversary of World Press, Freedom Day comes a growing climate of animosity toward the news media. World Press Freedom Day was established by the @UN The United Nations General Assembly to defend the media from attacks on their independence.

Every day, Committee to Protect Journalists fights to expose corruption and human rights abuses. Every day, they denounce anti-press violations and advocate for a free press. Every day, CPJ supports brave colleagues who continue to defy repression and censorship to bring you the news.They do this because you deserve to hear the truth.

Already this year, CPJ has contributed to the early release of 35 imprisoned journalists. This advocacy has helped win convictions in 38 journalist murders over the past five years. It led an international mission to the United States in January and spoke to U.S. leaders about the importance of their commitment to a free press.

The work this year has traveled to Ecuador, Pakistan, India, Belgium, Poland, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, the U.K., Spain, and Canada, to meet with journalists and press freedom advocates and spoken to government officials about curbing their restrictions on the media.

Reporters Without Borders found that democratically-elected leaders no longer see the media as part of democracy’s essential underpinning, but as an adversary to which they openly display their aversion.

A free press builds stronger & healthier societies. On #WorldPressFreedomDay, celebrate the important work of democracy and all who lost their lives in pursuit of truth and justice for all.

The United States fell two places in the index to 45th out of 180 countries, largely due to the actions of @POTUS Trump, who regularly brands news he does not like FAKE. Why is it that 25 years later a free press appears to be persecuted and prosecuted over the world?

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"It’s no coincidence that Trump’s obsessions are with institutions that hold him accountable. [Which] reinforces the idea that the Trump administration isn’t at war with the media as much as it’s at war with the truth" — @JohnAvlon #WorldPressFreedomDay

Finally, I am humbled to have been nominated for a lifetime achievement award. It is presented for cumulative media accomplishments. Here's just a sample for you to hear about my work over the years. Thanks, gracias, xiexie, Roberto FE Soto…