Bill Ritter Cut

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 20:54

I have never watched a popular TV news anchorman go from looking suave and debonaire to the likes of Dr. Brown, the crackpot character in "Back To The Future."

So what was the first public act on Bill Ritter’s bucket list now that New York City has entered Phase 2 of the lockdown? A Boogie Down Haircut in The Bronx!

What about the final bill?WABC TV 7 Anchorman Bill Ritter finally got a haircut and says it was for a very good cause.

During my long and distinguished media tenure, I was instrumental in helping chart the expansion of broadcast, as well as cable, for Spanish, and English language television station groups.

I was deeply involved in the broadcast industry throughout my career, serving the USIA Broadcasting Board of Governors as a GM/15-10, Univision Executive Producer, Telemundo News Director, APTN NY Bureau Chief, and Cablevision News 12 Station Manager. I have seen a whole lot, but this was a first for me. Welcome back, Ritter!  ‪ ‬

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