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Putin’s Invasion


Frontline" offers an unflinching and compelling look at complex, vital, and often-controversial subjects.

Each broadcast consists of a long-form news documentary. Topics run the gamut -- from Bernie Madoff's intricate fraud and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib to AIDs, racial issues, and Wal-Mart's effect on the U.S. economy.

Armed With Camera


As a veteran civil war news producer who has experienced the horror of dead journalists and colleagues, I understand this shock.

The shooting death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during an Israeli military raid in the West Bank city of Jenin highlights the dangers news reporters and producers deal with while covering worldwide conflicts.

A frontline chronicle of journalists covering conflicts recounts the harrowing exploits of the men and women armed with cameras who experience dangers in battle.

World Press Freedom Day


We applaud all journalists who place their lives on the line to write the wrongs for the first draft of history. We work every day to bring news and information to audiences all over the world. However, all too often, it comes at great costs. Our admiration, gratitude, and unwavering support because democracy dies without a free press.


White House Correspondents Dinner


President Joe Biden Speaks at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner LIVE from the Hilton in Washington DC.

I've attended these in the past and can say, I do not miss these events. However, I'm glad that we are back to a place where we don't have a thin-skinned president who can't tolerate the kind of skewering the chief executive always receives at these events.

The Old Man of The C


My AP predecessor, correspondent Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea was a classic novella about a Cuban fisherman.

We Shout The Sheriff


LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva reportedly had his investigators targeting a Times journalist in a criminal leak probe for reporting on a departmental cover-up, but following multiple shouts of criticism from politicians, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Press freedom organizations, the paper tiger crumbled and retracted his announcement, then went on to deny that they considered the reporter a suspect.



An overwhelming number of journalists say the overwhelming amount of disinformation is their largest global obstacle overall.

Track, predict & understand the impact of misinformation across the web and social media. Explore the impact with access to  years of activity, from over 250m data points. Real-Time Alerts. Unlimited Search. Web & Social Content. Crisis Management. Worldwide Coverage. Predicted Engagement. Free Demo. Real-Time Monitoring. Types: Content Alerts, Brand Alerts, Customisable Alerts, Real-Time Alerts.

Black Eyed Russians


Sometimes there is a subtle difference between reporting news and spewing views or between occurrences or propaganda.

Is this military operation Z, or control alt delete Z? That is the real question. Kiev says the Ukrainians hit Moskva with a missiles and sunk it. The first first version below is Communist China-controlled media spewing propaganda for Communist Russia-controlled media.

Reading Bans


It is time to push back against spineless mental midgets without a moral compass who are banning books considered literary classics.

What It Means to Be a Writer: John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech About Slicing Through Humanity’s Confusion. 1962.