Global Tech


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Why does a billionaire space race have Branson and Bezos competing on spending millions on being first in outer space?

And why call it historic? This is not the first time billionaires burned through gobs of money and resources to accomplish something a monkey did 72 years ago. Wake up and face reality, folks.

Remote Learning

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As an English-Language learner and multilingual student like yours truly, I am here to say it's OKAY and you have rights.

High Tech Miami Wise
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Francis Xavier Suarez is a Cuban-American attorney and politician serving as the 43rd mayor of Miami. He was elected on November 7, 2017, and has made a name for himself within various circles.

Welcome to #CAFECITO #Coffee with Miami Mayor Suarez, who wants to turn this Gateway to the Americas into an East-coast Tech Hub. #MiamiWise

#FrancisSuarez City of Miami Mayor & Commission made a name for himself by rejecting the #Trump vision and is now yearning for a GOP less focused on divisive politics and more grounded in solutions.

Know Your Risks
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Whenever anyone utilizes technology they must now the risks involved. No form of electronic communication can be considered 100 percent safe from any and all observers. Make sure you have a plan about what you'll do if the wrong person finds out you made contact as a whistleblower.

Do not contact anyone from your work computer or phone. Your bosses can track your use of these devices. The same goes for your personal mobile phone if you've ever installed apps from your employer even if you later uninstalled them.

Financial Markets Commentary

It was an event a year ago that presaged the biggest story of 2017’s fourth quarter. In October 2016, Australia’s Brighann Cotton sold 88 bales of cotton from their Texas affiliate to a client in China. It wasn’t carried out in a routine way by obtaining letters of credit from the relevant
banks in each country. That process has become prohibitively complex for all but the largest corporations who have their financing denied more often than not. Recently established international banking regulations require the banks issuing those letters to carry more of the risk

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Global Extinction ub Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:22

Massive extinctions have taken place for millions of years, so long ago that life had time to start again from zero, leaving behind creatures that were lost forever in the transformations suffered by a young, inexpert and changing.

We are the most efficient agent of a phenomenon which is as old as life itself: the extinction of species. But we are becoming so efficient in our role as destroyers that, as we begin to understand the interdependent mechanisms of life on earth, we are realizing that perhaps our own activities could end up leading our species along the road to extinction.

Washed Away?

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Our Coast, Our Future is a collaborative, user-driven project focused on providing coastal California resource and land use managers and planners locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms.

The group has mapped what a rise in sea levels would do to the Bay area and it appears the locations of several of the world’s largest and most popular tech companies will wind up underwater because they have been built way too close to the coast.

Financial Markets Commentary

“Look up here, I’m in Heaven!” is the opening line of David Bowie’s off Broadway production, Lazarus, which premiered earlier this month two days before the artist’s death. Known for innovating the world of music, Bowie revisited the theater as a creative way to say goodbye as he lost his battle with cancer. Many of the retrospectives on his unique life include his innovation in the financial world too.

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Study Women Well

As the grandfather of a newborn baby girl, now four grand-daughters, as well as two daughters, not to forget the wives, it is essential to acknowledge that women should be cherished and understood.

Women Studies is a specialization for students who wish to explore gender and its relation to power: race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality by using these concepts to analyze human experience in its bodily, political, economic and cultural dimensions. The following lists most programs worldwide.



Adelphi University (NY) - Gender Studies Program