Cuba To USA
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I was born in the Pearl of the Antilles around the middle of the century, but I am not able to return to my homeland under the present circumstances. The description was reportedly coined by a European artist whose 1873 book of illustrations bears the title "The Pearl of the Antilles."

Global Cities
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According to Kearney, as cities pick up the pieces and plan for life after COVID-19, we reveal how the pandemic has shattered the status quo, and outline the new challenges and priorities facing city leaders.

The 2020 Global Cities Report provides a snapshot of where cities stood as they entered the COVID-19 crisis. Incorporating the Global Cities Index (GCI) and Global Cities Outlook (GCO), this year’s results reveal intensifying competition for global status and future prospects in an increasingly fragmented and volatile environment.

PEACE... Please? ub Sat, 06/06/2020 - 15:08

The whole world is watching and We The People know this is a human rights as well as a civil right issue. Americans must prove to all nations that although many conservative Republicans branded protesters clashing with police after George Floyd’s death as radical-left thugs, and liberal Democrats blamed far-right fascists, most of the arrests are locals and very few affiliated with an organized group. Not only here, but most demonstrations against police brutality are peaceful everywhere. We must demand justice with law and order.

City Sonic Images
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Earthlings remain united in kindness as we work to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone has stories to tell, and we are here to learn and celebrate all that is good in us and our communities. This year, as part of Nicest People on Earth, #CityImages launches United States of Kindness, as we honor the most inspiring stories by sharing them with our readers.

Social Distancing Tips
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Much of COVID-19 coverage is bleak so to offer a bit of balance, we solicit coronavirus kindness stories to share The many ways that people are helping one another.

While the world adapts to a variety of rules that vary from place to place: For now, my life and lockdown on City Island, A Slice of NYC Paradise in the shadow of The Big Apple 🍎 underlines the notion that it all depends on where you live.

NYC Homeless
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Living in housing that is below the minimum standards is categorized as being homeless. Surviving on the streets; moving between temporary shelters, including houses of friends, family, and emergency accommodation and living in private boarding houses without a private bathroom or with adequate security.

NYC Homelessness is in crisis mode and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson wants to fix it. His report"Our Homelessness Crisis: The Case for Change"

Financial Forecast

The Armageddon countdown clocks were back, ticking away the second quarter in the bottom of
our TV screens as the world awaited the June 23rd Brexit vote determining if Great Britain would
leave the European Union. The referendum was considered a joke until recent polls showed it
having a chance to pass which kicked the ruling class into gear saying the Euroskeptics should not
be taken seriously. President Obama went to London to warn against Brexit saying “The UK is
going to be in the back of the queue” when the US negotiates trade deals. His comments were



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Back in the 1800s, the concept of a world without boundaries was about globalization and interests of countries.

The idea was that by removing boundaries, there would be an upward swing in pride as international citizens. However, a maximum supremacy is attained without borders, but its a long road to travel for this objective.

POLITICAL INACTION COMMITTEE ub Sat, 09/06/2014 - 13:13

Why do most politicians wind up following these steps towards Political Inaction Committees?

They get elected to gain power and influence, then fall in lust with fame and fortune.

They beat their chests, or slap their own backs to celebrate attainment of power.

They are urged to consider using their power to enact positive change.

They worry that this change might make them look bad politically.

They then decide to play it safe and change nothing.

They get re-elected to keep power they wont use.

DONT DRINK OR TEXT AND DRIVE Admin Fri, 01/31/2014 - 12:33

New York State Police will join other law enforcement agencies, across the state, in a special effort to crackdown on impaired and distracted driving during Super Bowl Weekend. The statewide STOP-DWI and Texting-While-Driving Crackdown efforts will start on January 31st and will run through February 3rd. The New York State Police will be collaborating with County Sheriff and municipal law enforcement agencies across the state in this coordinated effort to reduce the number of alcohol related and distracted driving injuries and deaths.