Roberto FE Soto

​​​​​​As a young political refugee, multilingual communicator, and US citizen now, I know that my stretched mind causes a spiritual fire.

It has allowed me to embrace new hopes and aspirations to become involved with startups and turnaround projects in a couple of languages. I keep the faith, never lose hope and practice charity. 

I've served as a Manager for a major nonprofit, with the government, and also with commercial companies in major media markets. My work, devotion, and commitment strategy and failure are never an option. This mission can be contagious.


Work signifies different images to many people depending on who you are, where you live, and your individual point of view.

Resignation is the formal act of leaving your job or quitting work. A resignation can occur when a person holding a position gained by election or appointment steps down, but leaving a position upon the expiration of a term, or choosing not to seek an additional term, is not considered resignation. When an employee chooses to leave a position, it is considered a resignation. In the meantime, work hard, take risks, and live for the moment.

Thank you, Gracias, Xiexie ub

I'm a multilingual media maestro, a startup and turnaround communicator with local, state, national and global news credits. 

The keys to a positive career path include a dedicated work ethic, visionary leadership, relationship building, innovative administration and being passionate about developing strong teams that are allowed to be creative, often rewarded and always supported.

My personal definition of success is when my children, friends, present and former students as well as employees seek my advice and don’t need financial assistance.

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El multilingüismo es el uso de más de un idioma, ya sea por un hablante individual o por un grupo de hablantes. Se cree que los hablantes multilingües superan en número a los hablantes monolingües en la población mundial. Más de la mitad de los europeos afirman hablar al menos un idioma que no es su lengua materna, pero muchos leen y escriben en un idioma.