Afghanistan Earthquake

Submitted by ub on Wed, 06/22/2022 - 16:25

The deadliest-ever reported earthquake rattles Afghanistan, with over 1000 killed, and more than 1500 people injured.

An extremely powerful earthquake has killed over 1,000 people and left hundreds injured while many people were sleeping. The quake struck eastern Afghanistan early Wednesday morning, killing over 1,000 people, and leaving more than 1,500 injured, officials told Bakhtar News Agency 

Americans Say Enough

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Haven’t we had enough of climate change, storms, and weather patterns after years of GOP denial about global warming just a hoax?

After much of the nation enjoyed a mild weekend, frigid weather is returning with a vengeance. Colder days are on their way for a large chunk of the #USA. 

A Hard Rain Kept Falling

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City Images is reporting this morning that New York will be getting lots of rain. Ida caused at least 48 dead and area-wide damage.

Haitian Remorse

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A massive earthquake has slammed Haiti and there are reportedly dozens dead and many injuries in the Caribbean island country.

Alaska Quake

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A potentially serious and extremely large-scale earthquake has slammed the State of Alaska so large #USA hasn’t seen recently. 

The M8.2 Alaska quake is on the subduction zone interface. What this means is that the seafloor under the Pacific Ocean is being pushed under the Alaskan peninsula. It also means it generated a tsunami and this is a potentially dangerous development. 

M 8.2 - 104 km SE of Perryville, Alaska. A tsunami warning was issued, largest wave height above tide level reported thus far was 0.7 ft. in Old Harbor, Alaska. Other tsunami warnings were canceled.

New Zealand Quake

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A Pacific-wide tsunami alert issued after the 8.1-magnitude quake. The powerful quake struck in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand, prompting some evacuations and tsunami warnings across the South Pacific.  There was little damage from the huge Pacific quake and a tsunami threat passes.


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Money isn't everything, health is. Try explaining this to Trump. His life is a message for all of US. Be responsible for your actions.


The global pandemic has caused a health crisis placing the American economy against USA health concerns. It has now been 92 days after Coronavirus arrived in this nation.


USA deaths: 41,379 

South Korea deaths: 236 

Why are we huddled indoors?

Why is our economy sunk? 

Why do Americans keep dying?