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A fresh fruit addict has been banned for grazing- eating strawberries out of one of the boxes, and refusing to pay for them.

According to published reports his excuse to the manager was the strawberries were too delicious. He's a medical doctor.


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There is an old saying. You are what you eat. It originally appeared in 1826 when Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer, politician, and famous gastronome, wrote ''Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es'', which translates to 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are'

'Hippocrates, the Greek physician, in the year 440 BC said, “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”.


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American Victory Gardens were planted across the United States during World Wars I and II with great success.

Back in 1917, during World War 1, the National War Garden Commission promoted home gardening in order to free up crops to feed soldiers who were fighting overseas. 

They inspired students—calling them “soldiers of the soil”—to do their part in the war and help plant Liberty Gardens. When it started to look like the US and its allies would win the war, the name of the gardens was changed to Victory Gardens.


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I confess, all my life, I have been a mango maniac. Fresh mango, juice, ice cream, cookies, dried mangos. You name it I eat it.

It has been said that we are whale eat, so we should always be aware of what we put inside our mouths.


  • 1. Helps in digestion Mangoes could help facilitate healthy digestion.
  • 2. Promotes Healthy Gut
  • 3. Boosts Immunity

I am also an avocado man

How've You Bean?

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Eating more beans is good for our health for the entire planet and all of us. What is the best method of preparing them?

Egg Sited Valentine

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For Valentine’s Day, show that you love her by offering the most valued gift 🎁 that she will forever cherish, farm-fresh eggs 🥚 

Humans have scavenged and eaten animal eggs for millions of years. Humans in Southeast Asia had domesticated chickens and harvested their eggs for food by 1500 BCE. The most widely consumed eggs are those of fowl, especially chickens.

Things have gotten so intense at many major markets that at some stores like BJ’s and Costco that shoppers were going nuts looking for eggs.


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Everyone loves BJs but not if they run out of eggs. We were on an egg hunt and looked all over the place but scrambled.

CityImages does not know if the entire east coast or the #USA has run low on eggs, but we are issuing this serious shell game warning.

We’re not Yolking. As supermarket journeys continue to be increasingly expensive thanks to the great problem among many others, some folks have taken to hoarding yolks and egg smuggling.

A Great Gardener

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Being a good leader is like being a great gardener. It is not just measured by the length of time spent that makes them great.

A great gardener tends to have a passion for certain elements of gardening be it design, color schemes, textures, or types of foliage, flowers, or species of plants.

They seem to get excited when you mention something interesting about their garden or something they personally take pride in establishing.

Grow Your Own

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Do you have a passion for the collaborative journey from agriculture to the plate? Where does food come from and how it's grown?

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, some useful plants, such as root and leaf vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are grown for consumption, for use as dyes, or for medicinal and other uses

Do you care how it’s sourced, the sustainable practices used to create it, and the new technologies that make it safer and healthier?

Is gardening cheaper than buying fruits and vegetables?

Shanghai Lockdown

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With over 130,000 COVID Cases Shanghai’s 25 million residents have been in lockdown for more than a week in the latest outbreak.

China's financial center of Shanghai will reportedly start easing lockdown in some areas this week, despite reporting a record of more than 25,000 new COVID-19 infections. Local authorities are trying to get the city back to normal with family food deliveries after more than two weeks of lockdown.