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Is New York City’s Manhattan Island sinking with its skyscrapers bringing it down, according to the findings of a new scientific study?

The model indicates the geology beneath the island was compared to satellite data showing its footprint is collapsing into Earth.

NOAA calls it subsidence, with a gradual settling or sudden sinking of Earth's surface that occurs when soft sediments shift or loads bearing down on the ground push it deeper. There are multiple causes, but the weight of cities is rarely studied.


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BREAKING NEWS: Mother Earth is on life support and City Images suggest there is no good or worldly reason to celebrate today.


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The fact is that it is not important which of two following possibilities are going to occur: Whether or not we really like it,

We use whether or not to indicate something is about to happen regardless of whether one ir the other is a true fact, and in this case NWS forecasters are saying both are.

USA TODAY says the majority of The United States of America will be getting some sun as temperatures begin to rise, while the first April storm develops.


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The NASA Space Agency declares that Uranus has never looked this good since they began tracking it years ago.

The image of Uranus shows the planet’s unique axis. Unlike Earth, which spins on an axis of 23.4 degrees, Uranus rotates at an angle of almost 90 degrees, NASA says. This extreme tilt makes Uranus the only planet to rotate almost completely on its side. As a result, the planet’s poles are located on its sides, giving it the appearance of a ball rolling around the sun.

Maritime Warnings

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A 5K-mile-long mass of seaweed is approaching the Florida coastline. What happens? Don't say blob, woke seaweed, or Sargassum.

Instead of Come On Down, some may soon be singing, WOKE me up before you GO-Go...

Unlucky Whales?

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Why have 23 Whales washed up along the shore dead along the East coast of the United States sinc4 December 2023? 

Usually, they only stay under for about 20 minutes, but different whales do different things. Whales can only survive a few hours on land. They breathe the air just fine. The problem is that their fat holds in too much heat.

Unusual winds, tidal patterns, and ocean currents can increase the chances that whales will become stranded on a beach, and such changes could be exacerbated by climate change. February 21, 2023

The Superb Owl

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The USA's most popular sporting event is the Superbowl which is important to many Americans and a perhaps a few superb owls.

It is a national party that we're going to be celebrating to ultimately learn WHO, or better yet Hoo is going to be the greatest quarterback leading the best team this season.

Just in case you were watching the game and s[dotted an owl, all you have to do is tell us the time you saw it and we will send you a special gift.


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Last year, which coincidentally also happens to be last month. researchers at LLNL made scientific history.

NIF’s monumental, first-ever demonstration of fusion ignition marks a breakthrough for fusion energy and an initial step in a decades-long quest for clean energy, according to U.S. government officials and LLNL scientists.

Amazing New Moon

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Did you know that tonight’s New Moon is going to be the.closest to planet earth in more 1,000 years. It will be felt, barely seen.

Earth's Moon is the only place beyond Earth where humans have set foot.The Next Full Moon is the Wolf or Ice Moon