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ub Mon, 02/06/2023 - 11:38

How to Watch President Joe Biden’s 2023 #USA State of the Union Mission Accomplished Address at 9 PM ET TONIGHT?

Where can I watch POTUS State of the Union live stream?

To watch the State of the Union speech live, visit Tune into the official social media streams of the White House for President Biden’s State of the Union address.

Happy POTUS Anniversary
ub Sat, 01/21/2023 - 12:11

Celebrate with POTUS Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris to mark another successful year leading our American Democracy.

KUDOS and Congratulations on their anniversary. Please, allow me to kindly and respectfully suggest that they consider a series of Town Hall and Fireside Chats via broadcast and streaming sessions.

The focus is to remind American voters that it is the Republican party that is sabotaging our democracy by refusing to raise the debt limit as they did during the previous administration and thereby ruining the American economy. 

Woke Me Up ub Sun, 01/01/2023 - 14:14

Many USA revealers say New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at a time to celebrate the fresh start that a new day and year.

However, there is also a troubling side to this holiday’s history. During the years before the Civil War, the first day of the new year was often a heartbreaking one for enslaved people in America.…

2022 Winners and Losers

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/26/2022 - 04:47

The winners are POTUS and Lewis. We call him Dear Mr. President for a good reason. US Representative John Lewis for Good trouble.

ub Tue, 12/20/2022 - 11:22

Just as this great nation came together after 9/11, come together after Trump's indicted for a 1/6 attempt to overthrow our government.

A divided nation should learn from World Cup athletes on settling our internal disputes. We must see through the smoke screen that the twice-impeached, loser liar has managed. He has now been referred by Congress for criminal prosecution and has got nowhere to run, except to Putin his puppet master.

Must C TV ub Mon, 12/19/2022 - 13:26

Jan. 6 panel urges Trump prosecution with a criminal referral…
Trump should face insurrection, obstruction charges, U.S. Capitol riot panel says…

Mar-a-Lago Loser
ub Wed, 12/14/2022 - 20:31

And the legal and political hits keep on coming at the former guy who is quickly becoming our nation's biggest loser, bar none.

Former White House attorney Ty Cobb offered a grim prognosis of Trump's legal entanglements. He says The US House Select Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection will ultimately provide a prosecution referral to the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division.

The Weak Ahead
ub Sat, 11/05/2022 - 09:58

First we set the clocks back one hour perhaps for good and then voters decide wether to set them back 50 years backwards in time.

Most folks believe in The Big Bang theory when it comes to the origins of the cosmos. How can We The People be certain that the universe had a beginning, or when it will end and what about the future of American Democracy? Will registered voters cast their ballots and end this democratic experiment as we have grown to love and know it?

Grand No More ub Fri, 10/28/2022 - 10:16

Do not forget about Ken Starr, The Birther Movement, The Tea Party, Obama Care, SCOTUS Liars and others... etc.

Vote Blue to Save USA
ub Wed, 10/12/2022 - 08:41

Many American families still rely on Social Security to survive. Life in the USA would be very different without it, or Medicare.

The Republicans plan to cut both programs after cutting taxes to the wealthiest corporations. If registered American citizens don’t want to kiss them both goodbye, they really need to #VoteBlueDownBallot #DemVoice1