Blooming Michael
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Michael Rubens Bloomberg is an American businessman, politician, philanthropist, author and CEO of Bloomberg L.P.

We miss you, Mike. In the shadow of where the Twin Towers once stood in New York City, glowing above the memorial pools honoring the nearly three thousand people killed on September 11, 2001, stands a shining new monument to the living. The $500 million Perelman Performing Arts Center opens its doors later this month. The PAC, as it's known, is the final major piece of the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site.

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As the  cardinal air sign that leads the autumn equinox, I’m delighted to usher in spring when every leaf is a flower colorful flower.

The spirit of Fall encourages more socialization and harmony between friends and family, which more or less encompasses the Libra ideal. Their personal solar return heralds a new beginning for them, as does the new moon in Libra which occurs every year.

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For Hispanic Heritage Month, #CityImages reviews Las flores de mi país that was resented by NYC Parks’ Latino Society.

This is in collaboration with NYC Parks’ Arts & Antiques division, exhibitions featured artworks by more than 20 artists that explore interpretations of Latino culture through imagery of native flora.

After three decades of representing and supporting Hispanics and Latinos, we are delighted to highlight this work. We are proud to include Las Flores de mi País, which celebrates the artistic and creative Latino talents.

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Americans are far apart because some folks only care about themselves but real public servants work harder.

While there is only one planet we call Mother Earth and one global ocean, the vast body of water that covers 71 percent of the Earth is geographically divided into distinct named regions. The boundaries between these regions have evolved over time for a variety of historical, cultural, geographical, and scientific reasons. 

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As the first museum to focus exclusively on storytelling through images, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art believes that visual storytelling can connect us and help shape a more just society.

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Some may think they sound alike but don't say identical, though there's a certain commonality among them that may come across.
Feel free to opine on these candidates and add your favorite, who may or may not appear on our list. Respond below or write me at

Public Domain Year
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The new year 2023 brought fee-free copyrighted works from 1927 that has now entered the US public domain.

They will be free for all to copy, share, and build upon. These include Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse and the final Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, the German science-fiction film Metropolis and Alfred Hitchcock’s first thriller, compositions by Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller, and a novelty song about ice cream.

Please note that this site is only about US law; the copyright terms in other countries are different.

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When it comes to Art Museums, NYC enjoys an abundance of riches, with some of the greatest global institutions in The Big Apple.

TIME 2022
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TIME MAGAZINE Top 100 Photos of This Year. #TIME The best images of 2022

In a time of transition and uncertainty, these 100 images were chosen by TIME's photo editors to offer, unranked, as the best of 2022.

Photography can capture the most significant moments of our days, and these images are thought to be the most influential of all times.

Bad Boy Brian Raw
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Brian Douglas Wilson, founding member, and composer of The Beach Boys talks about his professional past and present.

Big and bad boy Brian had a complicated life. He learned to partner with other band members to write originals for the band. That includes many of my favorite songs for the American Superstar group.