Criminal Justice

Reigning With Fear


Ideas after wiping American tears. This could happen to anyone near and dear to us while USA politicians continue reigning with fear. 

Americans have experienced over hundreds of mass shootings, including dozens of school shootings. WHY?

As a dad, grandpa, a journalist, a communications educator, and a former area resident, it makes me feel sick inside to think that a couple of hundred children, teachers, and other innocent Americans have lost their lives during mass shootings since the Millenium, according to gun violence databases.



The world condemned the shooting at an elementary school in Texas that killed 19 kids and two teachers. #GOP Guns Over People?

¿Por Qué? Why?

At least 19 children and two teachers were killed by a gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, according to the Texas Rangers.

The dead gunman was 18-year-old Salvador Ramos a student at Uvalde High School, authorities said.

Why are Republican politicians a crew of misfits that only point fingers refusing to accept any responsibility for their inaction?

This does not happen anywhere else. The UK banned private ownership of handguns and initiated the Firearms amendment to tighten gun control. Since 1996 there have been NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS

End The Madness


Limiting the sale of firearms in the USA is the greatest pro-life issue Americans face today that Republicans refuse to control.

A gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing 14 children and their teacher as well as wounding others, the shooter is dead.

GOP Loser Liar Fired?
ub Wed, 05/18/2022 - 07:34

Bad news for Trump. US Department of Justice probes January six, and some favorite political GOP candidates are now deep-sixed.

Republicans are suffering from premature election speculation. Their primary outcimes have presented an eroding picture of Donald Trump’s influence on the Republican Party, leaving open the question of whether his grip on the GOP is increasingly slippery and unbreakable. They are pointing at the primary to continue an increasing effort to undermine our democratic electoral system

Putin On The Hot Seat


Is Russian Communist little dictator Vladimir Putin at the end of his reign of terror because he is gravely ill and very close to dying?

The world press, bolstered by a series of diagnosticians, certainly appears to be the case. Since his 2/24/22 invasion of Ukraine, the 69 aging Russian and his military continues deteriorating in health and it has been a subject of frenzied speculation.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is very ill with blood cancer says top oligarch caught in secret recording'…

Phony Baloney


What Goes Up Must Come Down Meaning: All Things that rise will also fall. Like a demagogue full of hot air will soon drop.

This expression is often used to say that nothing lasts forever. Origin of What Goes Up Must Come Down This idiom originated in the 1800s and came from the physical properties of gravity. If you throw an orange in the air, it will come back down.



Do Dark #MAGA and Darker #MOSCOW movements pose the same clear and present dangers to global Democracy in the free world? 

Some #Republican and #Russian insiders share a common fear that #Putin and #Trump could be near to turning towards an increased path of destruction. 

They believe that when faced with failure in their campaign of terror and hate they will continue their destruction if they can’t have it all. Should both of them be stopped now before their evil actions continue to threaten the free world? Does Democracy destroy Autocracy and stops the GOP and the KGB?