Criminal Justice

Pardon For Dollars?
ub Tue, 01/19/2021 - 06:10

USA Today is reporting that POTUS has compiled a pardon list that may surprise many Americans living in the USA.

President Donald Trump will put out a final list of pardons sometime before his term expires at noon Wednesday,,according to advisers.

Impeached Madman
ub Mon, 01/18/2021 - 12:44

He began his campaign by saying others were rapists, but he was the one being accused of multiple rapes and sexual assaults.

Then he boasted about getting away with grabbing women by the pussy and his wife was being best by calling it locker-room talk.

American taxpayers were shocked after the Liar and Chief did it 30000 lies, including releasing his taxes if he was elected.

Domestic Terrorism
ub Wed, 01/06/2021 - 18:50

Following a long and violent day, US Congress has affirmed President-elect Joe Biden and VP elects Kamala Harris's victory after rioting by a Hoodlum presidential mob on Capitol Hill delayed proceedings and caused multiple deaths and destruction.

POTUS summoned the thugs to Washington’s DC, then spoke at their moron march, offered to walk them over to the US Capitol and abandoned them, but had much praise for them after their lawless and out of order actions.

Does Every Nation Hate Donald?
ub Tue, 01/05/2021 - 17:04

Nor everybody hates Donald yet, but time will tell when everyone learns the damage he’s done and wonders why if it is what it is. 

Family members blast him, his neighbors don’t want him around, he alienated our allies and some nations are warning him not to even consider visiting.

Nobody Likes A Karen
ub Mon, 12/28/2020 - 21:36

Nobody likes Karens especially the police, who have much more serious functions than to be called because she has no hot water and wants to accuse someone without any proof. Unfortunately, there are Karens everywhere, including in my own neighborhood. I know I have recordings to prove it.

These neighborhood Karens go by unassuming names like Cinda and Barbara, as their dirty mouths spread fungus amongst us.

Bronx Shoot Out
ub Sat, 12/05/2020 - 22:28

What a way to begin a wild weekend. In the early hours of NYPD searched The Bronx Wakefield district searching for Andre Sterling, who was described as "armed and dangerous" and caution had to be used.

The warning turned out to be on target, but it was Sterling who became the target. The marshalls had information that Sterling was inside, while Massachusetts state troopers encircled the building.

Sterling came out of the rear near a back room and started shooting. A pre-dawn gun battle ensued and Sterling was killed.

Criminal on 34 Street
ub Sun, 11/22/2020 - 12:40

This should be a time for spiritual meditation and preparation of a season for reflecting on the many ways we are worthy of the miracle of Jesus Christ and the mercy, love, and grace he shared with us on earth.

Yet finding the time to do this is not easy, especially during a year as unpredictable and at times chaotic as these past years.

Changing Times
ub Thu, 11/12/2020 - 13:50

The roaring '20s were extremely weird in many ways. This American cop is measuring the lengthbetween knee and bathing suit in a bathing beach after a local order was issued that women’s suits cannot be six inches above the knee.  

This image was captured recently and the only eyes on her could have been from admirers. Times sure have changed. What would those police officers say about this image?

A Modest Proposal

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/22/2020 - 13:45

The Associated Press: Parents of 545 children separated at the border can’t be found makes me think about the following.

The Wizard of Loss
ub Tue, 10/06/2020 - 16:57

By Kenneth Tiven

In Journalism school, one famous professor always said, “You tell big stories with small pictures.” For a modest glimpse into how President Donald J. Trump, created the impression that he is a smart businessman we find clear evidence 50 miles from Manhattan.