Education Solution

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Next month, I begin teaching at #NYPL The New York Public Library- The following are 32 stunning international libraries you may wish to visit for research and education.

El próximo mes, empiezo a enseñar en la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York de #NYPL. Las siguientes son 32 bibliotecas internacionales deslumbrantes que puede visitar para investigación y educación.

Education 101

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Lately, I am hearing way too many people inappropriately using the word LIKE and I do not like it at all. Furthermore, our schools are not teaching the basic reading, writing, arithmetic, science and communication skills necessary to be competitive.

What follows is a basic curriculum in life that an adolescent should know before reaching adulthood. There will probably be other skills you can add to this list, so please do it.

Civics Education

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USA voters cast their ballots for 435 House seats, 35 Senate spots, Governors along with a whole lot of state, local offices and issues. While folks are focused only with the US House and The Senate, the big story may be #USA Governors. @TheDemocrats may take a bunch of states, with serious implications for 2020 and the all-important issue of redistricting.

American Education

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The US' top official overseeing student loans has now resigned, citing #WhiteHouse hostility to protecting borrowers. The US report cards for schools and school districts have been a sore source of controversy, which will only grow when the nation starts receiving overall grades this fall.

As the new school year approaches, voters should keep in mind that education funding remains on life support, while many schools are crumbling, but corporations received a huge #GOP tax cut, which was primarily pocketed by executives and shareholders, with little trickle down to workers.

PS Education

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NO Not BS, but PS as in Public Service. There are activists and organizers who have been extremely effective. One individual comes to mind, but there are others and many more are urgently needed.

Some public servants perfected the craft on the streets, responding to injustices by helping people to reach their goals.
Let's create an opportunity with an eye toward training folks to solve real-world problems in hopes to spread these ideas.


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Who despite evidence to the contrary has tweeted confirmation that he is, in fact, a stable genius and is now proposing to merge US Department of Labor and Education? Is this a sinister plan to destroy both agencies?

We Don't Need No Education?

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According to Chronicle conducted research, Donald J. Trump has discussed higher-education policy sparingly. That tendency has largely continued since his inauguration as President Trump and appears to be shared by Betsy DeVos, his Cabinet member and Secretary of Education.

October 13, 2016: Mr. Trump gives his most substantive speech on higher education, at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, where he suggests his own income-based repayment plan, and says he will “reconsider” tax-exempt endowments.

Empathy Education

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Always Listen, Open Up, Offer Affection, Focus Outward, Withhold Judgement, Offer Help.

Become Interested, Volunteer and Help, Challenge Prejudices, Use Imagination, and Respect.

Do not get discouraged, showing empathy takes repetition to make it a habit.

Avoid "why" questions because this comes across as accusatory.

Others can see through insincerity and your relationship could end.

How to Close the Empathy Gap | For Parents | US News…

Education = Graduation

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There are angry complaints about the state of our current system of education and they not only come from parents and students, but now employers lament their recent hires with their newly minted, or indebted degrees were under-prepared, but these complaints that are nothing new, but seem to have grown louder over the years. Why is that?

Never hire someone without asking this via @FortuneMagazine

7 ways body language can help you get your next job

Rebuilding the Bachelor's Degree

Affordable Education

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Do you want to economize your six figure college education? You may first wish to consider enrolling into a junior, otherwise known as a community college.

Many people who are planning to go to a university or four year college in the fall are worried about the high cost of tuition and the staggering student loan debt. Fortunately, if you're smart about it, a good education can be achieved without these pitfalls.