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Have you ever wondered how many languages are spoken in the world? If you had to guess, you might say or guess 7777.

I speak two fluently, how about you? When people are asked to list how many languages there are to their knowledge, the average is only around 10. That’s because most people are psychologically predisposed to be aware of only the most commonly used or learned languages around them. And the number of written languages in the world is yet another question altogether.

Free Speech in Higher Education

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Higher education’s principal role is “the discovery, improvement, transmission, and dissemination of knowledge by means of research, teaching, discussion, and debate” (Kurtz et al.,2017). 

According to Kors and Silverglate (1999), higher education should be a sanctuary from those who seek control over thoughts, as the purpose of free speech is to accomplish a“reasoned search for truth” (p.3, 51). Baker (1953), in quoting Thomas Jefferson’s dedication to the University of Virginia when he wrote “that of an institution…

Overpopulation and Overconsumption

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Do you know which are the top ten most populated cities in the whole wide world and in order of overpopulation on earth?

Reportedly, the world hit the eight billion population mark. Based on extensive research, it has been concluded that more than half of the world’s population lives in cities across the globe.

Are Women Smarter Than Men?

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Around the world, girls are more likely than boys to get no education, but once they are in a classroom, boys usually do worse.

Although the male brain is 10 percent larger than the female brain, it does not impact intelligence. Despite the size difference, men's and women's brains are more alike than they are different.

Thanks, Teachers!

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Why doesn't everyone send a note out of the blue to anyone who's done something nice for you and made a difference in your life? 

I am fortunate to have reconnected with two former greats at the beginning of my long and distinguished communications career. They were Dr. Charles Sweeting, WPU Professor, where I received my advanced degree, and Doctor Ken Tiven Managing Editor WPLG, where I landed my first paying job on TV and earned my street-wise Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks (aka) The University of Life. 

Think Before Voting

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Today is the primary day but time to consider registering to vote if you have not done so and preparing to cast a November ballot.

As Congress and DOJ continue to investigate precisely what occurred in the #USA the spread of disinformation continues to play a key role in perpetuating propaganda, which is one of the greatest threats to American democracy. 


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As the USA begins another school year, it is crucial to remind our students the importance of a well rounded American education.

Our City Images public service provides you both. The video of the campaign announcements and victory speeches of each individual for you to listen and watch, then decide for yourself.

High School Memories

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Sophia, my teenage grandchild, and my oldest daughter’s youngest daughter moved out of her parents' cocoon into a college dorm.

The job as I see it is to excel, receive a well-rounded education, and have some fun, while you’re at it. I know she can do it.

And as most folks know, the high school diploma is earned after a course of study lasting four years, from grade 9 to grade 12. The diploma is awarded and in many cases, it is seen as the first day of the rest of your life. Parker and Olivia are next!!!

Follow Your Dreams

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No woman or girl, and no boy or man on earth should ever be prevented from pursuing a career in their chosen field of dreams.

As my oldest daughter, Natasha's youngest daughter Sophia is embarking on her college life away from home, she should know that the sky is the limit for her.

Enjoy University Life. You're an adult, so continue to act like one. Have you read any of the following books or watched the films?

One of my campus suggestions is to fall in love with the Library. It's a wonderful place for great ideas. 

Reigning With Fear

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Ideas after wiping American tears. This could happen to anyone near and dear to us while USA politicians continue reigning with fear. 

Dozens of families in Texas, California and New York are devastated, while Congress in now enjoying another vacation and doing nothing about the cause of their family member’s deaths.  Register to vote and throw them all out. Americans have experienced over hundreds of mass shootings, including dozens of school shootings. WHY?