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Pray for the children, St Benedict. He was a holy man who exercised the greatest influence on monasticism in the West.

He is included in the later Dialogues of Saint Gregory, but these are sketches to illustrate miraculous elements of his career.


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Stoic philosophy is the foundation for personal growth, The virtues are wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance.

Wisdom: Wisdom represents the pursuit of knowledge and the development of sound judgment. A wise individual seeks truth, reflects on personal experiences, and learns from others. Wisdom involves recognizing the complexities of life and making informed decisions based on reason and understanding.


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Being out of the country changes any student, and they make sure you are aware of this fact, no matter what.

Students are like a sunburst. Some are brighter than others, especially the quirky ones, but I love them all as long as they participate constructively.

They will probably refuse a beer claiming they no longer sip anything but wine local to their site and explaining how they are disgusted by American drinking culture. Ask them to accompany you on a shopping trip


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After Ni Hao “hello” learning to say ‘yes’ and “no” in Chinese could be valuable. Learning to say “yes” is usually one of the first things you learn when studying a new language. Unfortunately, in Chinese, there’s no direct equivalent to the English “yes.” Except, 是 (🔈 shì)!


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If you take the time to Google around long enough, you learn that teaching college students can be an exercise in avoiding tripwires.

Religion, Gender, and most recently long-established historical facts are being contested and are turning into hot-button issues that become costly actions to suppress but should have superseded academic freedom, soon after the classroom sessions have ended and experienced professors are ousted.

Early Learning Skills

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Making a tower of blocks is a visual-motor or problem-solving milestone. Most children are capable of two by 21 months young.

Other kids can make a tower of 2 blocks by 15 to 21 months and 4 blocks by 17 to 24 months and 6 blocks by 18 to 30 months.


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Not just Florida, but New York City, NY has already proposed deep cuts to public library budgets for the coming fiscal year.

Listen and Learn

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Learn to listen ~ acuerdalo ... anotalo ... aprendelo… remember it… write it down… learn it ~ Aprende a escuchar

Listening involves receiving sound, understanding the message conveyed in the sounds you hear, evaluating the message, and responding to it.

People with good listening skills are able to comprehend what they hear and respond appropriately.

Student Fair

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First and foremost, the takeaway for all students is wanting and willing to learn and learning to listen carefully and then ask questions. 

US Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Congressman Adriano Espaillat host a Student Services Fair to help young people connect with the U.S. Department of Education, our U.S. Service Academies, internship opportunities, and more.