Public Health


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In Europe, a Dutch man who was paralyzed following an accident can climb stairs with crutches after receiving brain implants. 

Climate Trauma

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It is now the precise moment and time to expand information and action on climate and health, including mental health.

The health, economic, political, and environmental implications of climate change have a serious effect on all of us. The tolls on our mental health are far-reaching. They induce stress, depression, and anxiety; strain social and community relationships; and have been linked to increases in aggression, violence, and crime. Children and communities with few resources to deal with the impacts of climate change are those most impacted.

Cancer Deaths Drop

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Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and sometimes spread to other physical parts. 

From its peak in 1991, the combined cancer death rate fell 33 percent by 2020, the most recent year for which data were available. This reduction in deaths from cancer has averted an estimated 3.8 million deaths 2.6 million in men and 1.2 million in women.

Long Life Locations

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How long would you prefer to live and where on earth do you think that would be most reasonably expected to happen?

Happy and Healthy

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A regular weekly Dose of Mother Nature would could and should make all of us much happier and a lot healthier than we are today.

If you’re trying to count up your minutes, know that outside doesn’t just mean walking to the store or spending time in your own backyard. The study says it looked at open spaces in and around towns and cities, including parks, canals, and nature areas; the coast and beaches; and the countryside including farmland, woodland, hills, and rivers. 

Love 💕 Health

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Dose of News, News-hooks, and City images journalism establishes facts, exposes failures and examines best solutions.

”I need somebody to love,” sang The Beatles, and they got it right. Love and health are intertwined in surprising ways. Humans are wired for connection, and when we cultivate good relationships, the rewards are immense. But we’re not necessarily talking about spine-tingling romance.

Sleep 💤 Aid

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Humanity reportedly continues to get less sleep than anyone of us did ever before the global pandemic. So Now What?

Meanwhile, melatonin use is steady while public health officials say we’re relying heavily on the over-the-counter sleep aid.


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A person is obese if they have a body mass index of over 30.  3.4 million adults die annually from obesity or being overweight.

The rise in obesity has been gradual but constant across the globe, with the latest estimates suggesting that the world has over a billion obese people, double the rate that existed 20 years ago. The 10 most obese countries USA is ten. One in five kids is suffering from obesity. We have a few neighbors in my building. Some are bigger than others.