Climate Change

Climate Change

Submitted by ub on Fri, 02/03/2023 - 15:22

NY: 3 to 5 inches of snow on top of bitter cold attributed to frigid air streaming in from Canada courtesy of a dip in the polar vortex.

Three degrees this morning on City Island - A Slice of New York City Paradise. A high ribbon of air circles the north pole. The Northeast, especially from the Adirondacks into northern Maine, is taking the biggest hit from the cold air. Air temperatures -- not counting wind chill -- are expected to plunge to 30 below zero or colder. When you add in the wind, places like Whiteface Mountain could feel like 70 degrees below zero.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

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Many Americans will experience the coldest Christmas in decades as Arctic air pushes temperatures 50 degrees lower than usual.

A significant storm system is expected to hit most of the United States this week just in time for Christmas. This storm will also bring freezing and subzero temperatures to the nation's western, central, and northeastern parts.

White Christmas

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Americans who are into this kind of thing may have their Christmas wish become a reality this time around in just a few days..

Just about everyone east of the Rockies, is going to feel the effects of it in one form or another whether it's rain, snow, wind or colder temperatures.

Those who are dreaming of a white Christmas might see their wish come true this year. That’s When a whole bunch of factors fall into place and the weather Gods allow an alignment the way some long-range computer models are projecting.

Climate Change 2022

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Are Americans and especially North-easterners simply exhausted by the weather and snowfall in the region so far this season?

After years of being told that climate change is a hoax, is the absolute truth shining for me and all of you?

The whole world is realizing where the real hoax was coming from, and it’s not from the scientific community.

Starving seabirds on Alaska coast show climate change peril

Elba Avoids Fiona

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As Fiona slams into Puerto Rico, Elba Rivera seeks refuge at the City Islanders' home of her son Josue and his lovely wife Arlene.

Hurricanes Ahead

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Tropical Weather Outlook NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 200 PM EDT Mon Sep 5, 2022. Earl, Danielle... etc.

For the North Atlantic...The Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico: Active Systems: The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Hurricane Danielle, located about 900 miles west-northwest of the Azores, and on Tropical Storm Earl, located about 700 miles south of Bermuda.  E

Wake Me Up

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Would you like to be part of #Sunrise and #Sunsets for City Images and have your images appreciated by others worldwide?

These photographs can be from any major city or small town anywhere on earth, whether you live there, are just visiting friends, or family, on a business trip or on a long-awaited and well-deserved vacation.

Please, respond with a pix or up to three per entry to and include your favorite image letting me know where it is from, just in case it is not obvious to the naked eye.


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With all the flooding around us as a result of global warming, scientists are now warning that all rainwater is extremely dangerous to us.

Do you remember all the years the #Republicans supported by the former guy spent telling lies about everything under the Sun, including climate change? Tell that to the #American people suffering in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, California, and everywhere else.

Now come word that rainwater contains cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals’ From the Arctic to the Tibetan Plateau, the rainwater is ‘unsafe to drink’

Earth 🌏 Burning?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 07/18/2022 - 06:19

As temperatures kept climbing around the globe, a Record heat wave continued slowly and surely cooking America, Europe, and Asia.

The trouble is, the hottest part of summer is still ahead. For most of humanity, that means there will be too much time spent as a sweaty, sticky mess.

These are the hottest summers in recorded history, and for multiple years to come. This is an issue for all continents, demographics, and people from different walks of life.


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After being lied to for years by The GOP about climate change, set your eyes on Agatha and realize these lies could be killing us.

Hurricane Agatha, one of the earliest and strongest hurricanes on record to strike North America from the Pacific, makes landfall in Mexico, according to forecasters.

Hurricane Agatha made history as the strongest hurricane ever recorded to come ashore in May during the eastern Pacific hurricane center, making landfall on a sparsely populated stretch of small beach towns and fishing villages in southern Mexico.