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Republican MoRon Disaster is attracting negative KARMA as clumps of a 5K mile Florida seaweed blob hits the son of a beach.

As he toured 12 cities in three early-voting states, MoRon forgets about his state by turning his back on Florida, while he tries to make his case that he is the more conservative and idiotic alternative to the other bigger, fatter and just as dumb resident disaster.

The seaweed dangers are that it brings flesh-eating bacteria to The Sunshine State and that means less tourism dollars for the state of constant confusion.


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Valued, engagements seemingly abstract and appearing as subjective concepts are finally acquiring a new life significance.

I am a  multilingual media maestro who decades ago entered a newsroom for the first time and I can safely say now - what an awakening it was to be able to study the hyperlocal editorial process. I proceeded to remain engaged five days and 40 hours a week for 3 months. It was a crash course in Dr. Ken's Newswatch10.

Today, I'm still in touch with a couple of colleagues, now lifelong acquaintances, and some have become good old friends. 

Earth Days 2022

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City Images will not celebrate this Earth Day, but we will meditate and reflect on what 🌏  earthlings have done to our planet.

This #EarthDay 🌎 we invite you to read- We think that it is extremely important to get recharged and inspired. Do you agree that the beauty of our planet is truly a unique blessing?

Preparing For Earth Day

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An Osprey moves in on top of The Bronx Victory Memorial #birdbx #thebronx in Pelham Bay Park as conservationists gaze.

Perched atop a 75-foot limestone Corinthian column in Pelham Bay Park in New York City The Bronx, is a gilded bronze victory figure. Designed by architect John J. Sheridan and sculptors Belle Kinney and Leopold Scholz, this site was dedicated to World War I servicemen from The Bronx in 1933.

A Paradise In The Bronx

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There is a special small island nestled behind Pelham Park in The Bronx called City Island - A Slice of New York City Paradise.

City Island is a neighborhood in the northeasternmost section of New York City. This small gem is approximately 1.5 miles long by 0.5 miles wide. City Island is a natural trifecta located at the extreme western end of Long Island Sound, south of Pelham Bay and east of Eastchester Bay.

After The Storm

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The New York City pounding rains that brought strong winds that pounded The Big Apple into the late-night hours have disappeared.

Since the one topic, we should be talking about is the climate crisis... NYC residents experienced persistent rain and thunderstorms that extend into the early morning hours. The National Weather Service issued warnings of wind gusts and considerable rainfall. Precipitation amounts were higher caused by thunderstorms, which developed throughout the night.


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Although it does not officially arrive until Sunday, the birds outside my window may not have received a Mother Nature notification.

Our Climate Crisis

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HELP - While some global regions keep drying up, other areas worldwide will continue to experience extreme flooding dangers.

The United Nations climate report predicts most of the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean will melt by 2035 leading to a complete lack of ice in the Summer season. Since polar bears, penguins, and other animals won't have places to hunt, they'll move inland into parts of Alaska and Canada.


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Americans have been fed Republican lies for the past few years including the denial of climate change. We now see and feel reality.

Today the weather made an abrupt change which is undeniable. From 60 degrees in the Northeast today to 30 tomorrow.

While Persistent Heat in cover most of Southern California; A Wintry Mix Shifts to the East Coast with a vengeance and that’s not all.

Loving Gardening

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Are you having a difficult time starting your garden? Here are dozens of books you can read online, or go to the local library and borrow for a period of time. Happy Valentines Day 😍  

All-New Square Foot Gardening, 3rd Edition

by Mel Bartholomew