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Living in America

Whoever said the USA's geographical location doesn’t play a factor in longevity may have been slightly mistaken or far worse than that.

Should you stay, or should you move away to live a longer and healthier life someday far away? Whether this is due in part to cleaner air, water, better eating, or more outdoor living, there are clear differences across the states in how long people tend to live. 

California and New York are at the top of the list when it comes to having residents that are around longer. It looks like there is a stark contrast between Florida and some other Southern states. If you’re looking to extend your years,  you may want to steer clear of some parts of the Deep South.

According to natives of a town or country are often fiercely proud of where they live, often telling visitors why they should move there. Sometimes though, residents aren’t too enthused with where they’ve settled. With Illinois having over twenty percent of residents calling it “the worst state to live in” it’s possible some of that hate comes from Chicago’s cold weather. 

People in Nevada are slightly less ashamed than New Yorkers, so maybe what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there. Some of this dissatisfaction these residents may be facing may be related to having a different political opinion than their state. It wouldn’t be surprising if residents that rank their state as the worst end relocating more than others. 


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