Fraud and Failing Finances

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No Soldier Spy

Did New York Attorney General Letitia James say the former guy’s dirty money is worthless anywhere inside The Empire State?

The MO TRUMP tactic has been to delay as long as possible and then try to make a deal for pennies on the dollar just to end the proceedings. This is not going to work for him and his time is up.

The former guy also known as #AgentOrange and his family can reportedly expect to go to a trial that will take a while.

  • New York's AG has reportedly rejected Trump's offer to settle as she mulls suing his company.
  • Trump and his children may be named in the suit, which would include fraud allegations.
  • Eric Trump signed many of the documents the AG is eyeing and has long been a target of an inquiry.

Americans don’t like lying, fraud, grifting, bullying, stealing, incompetence, and criminal activity from their self described patriots who refuse to serve in the military, or pay taxes.

Attorney General James rejected an offer from Donald Trump…

New York attorney general rejects Trump's settlement offer, perhaps clearing the way for a long-expected lawsuit…


let’s see if ultimately an avalanche of crushingly powerful indictments will trigger a flood of plea deals in which his followers will flip on #AgentOrange who will not escape accountability.

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