Four Strikes, He's Out

Following the fourth hearing, there was the same number of takeaways. Four strikes and Donald Trump should be out and locked up.

Trump and his team:

Public statements: Americans are giving us so much evidence of election misconduct...  

Private conversations: We’ve got lots of theories. We just don’t have the evidence required.

Joe Biden is old and in shape. But Donald Trump is old, fat, and a traitor.

Please know that without any evidence, our American democracy is on the most uncertain ground it's been on since the founding of our constitutional republic hundreds of years ago.


Trump was directly involved in the ‘fake electors’ plan

GOP elected officials pushed the electors' scheme

Trump’s allies could not produce any evidence of election fraud

Threats and intimidation started well before January six


The trump team didn't have the evidence

  • Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said his daughter-in-law's home was broken into
  • Arizona House Speaker said Giuliani never turned over fraud evidence, despite repeated requests
  • Sen. Ron Johnson, Republican-Wisconsin, tried to deliver fake electors to Mike Pence on  1/6/2021
  • One Georgia election worker was told by the FBI to leave her home ahead of the Capitol insurrection