Complicit Republicans

Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 09:43

America is not the only country wrestling with deepening political fissures. But the USA rigid two-party system is collapsing by a range of social and political debates into one battle line that may make our differences appear larger than they really are.

Impeached and now a Lame-Duck Donald came out of plotting space with his new face and a head full of not orange, but white hair. However, he remains the same old egomaniac in total denial attacking Democracy and the milk of human kindness.

We The People have spoken loud and clear and a significant majority voted for The Democrats, so why are Republicans not respecting the outcome of the safest and most secure election in modern times?

A stupid attempt to pretend they did not lose the 2020 election felt, at first, like the imaginary march of their egos ids and superegos. They couldn’t admit the loss. So they didn’t. A dust-up of paperwork and chanting stop the steal followed. Republicans are muted in a fit of sound and grift, signifying they still bow to the three branches of government, Don Jr, IVANKA and Eric while they bow down to The King of Nothing.

USA election and former Pentagon officials are alarmed over the firing of the US Defense Secretary and the purge of other top National Security Agency and civilian-military appointees following the election leading some to warn this is more akin to a dictatorship than a democracy.

officials, including private sector experts, agree in the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of the November 3 #VOTE, as the GOP continues making unfounded claims of fraud and those involved in protecting elections forcibly leave the misguided and cunning Republican administration, or may soon be fired like Deputy Secretary of Defense and the directors of the CIA, and the FBI, who are also thought to be on the GOP hit list.

Why are Republicans allowing POTUS to continue breaking the law and ignoring over a century of White House protocol protections and traditions?

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