Trump Impeached Again

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 17:16

#LameDuckDonald Trump becomes the first POTUS in USA history to be impeached twice in a four-year term tarnishing the GOP.

This Republican who followed a Democrat and now precedes another Democrat was never ready, willing, and able to accept the will of #WeThePeople and admit that he lost his election. Some Americans say he initially won with Russian assistance, but thankfully not this time around.

He was impeached with the help of Republicans who joined Democrats in rebuking him. He faces a Senate trial next. As a result, Donald J. Trump has just become the only president in U.S. history to be impeached not only once but becomes a two-time loser.

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives easily passed the threshold of votes needed to impeach Trump, including members of his own Republican Party.

After hours of debate from Congressional Republican and Democrats, the final vote to impeach was Yes 232 No 197

For the fourth time in #USA history, and the second time during Trump’s dangerous and destructive four years a president has been impeached.

To blame only Trump and not recognizing that many Republicans were as guilty in their collective attempt to steal a fair and legal Democratic American election. The GOP has much explaining to do.

Finally, there are claims that TRUMP has wasted 74 years saying my way or the highway while ignoring the wreckage of people and institutions he has destroyed along the way. He’s likely to keep whistling past impeachment and his political graveyard, but the question which begs to be asked is will he ever be able to repair his brand destruction?

Lame-Duck Donald was a one-term failed apprentice who lost the White House, the popular vote twice, managed to get 2 impeachments. with 400,000 American dead. He cost the Republicans the presidency, the US House, and the Senate. Did he really make America great again? After whipping up a violent revolt on the Capitol that left several dead, he became the first president ever to be impeached twice. Before Trump, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were the only two other presidents who were impeached once, but #LameDuckDonald managed to do it twice.

Will Americans identify everyone who worked to convince millions the election was stolen, and then tried to steal it themselves?