Individual 1

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Does he realize he is finally top of the heap and the real number 1? The news comes with pre-presidential actions and entanglements by Trump himself. Investigators have now publicly cast Trump as a central figure of their probe into whether Trump’s campaign conspired with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

Disclosures show that Trump was in close contact with his lieutenants as they made outreach to both Russia and WikiLeaks and that they tried to conceal the extent of their activities.

White House counsel under Nixon who received jail time for his role in the Watergate scandal, said that allegations against President Trump detailed in new court filings give Congress “little choice” other than to begin the impeachment process…

Opinion: The utterly lawless "Individual-1"

Manafort, Cohen, and Individual 1 Are in Grave Danger
In brief no. 1, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office argues that Paul Manafort breached his cooperation agreement wi…


The walls are closing in on ‘individual #1’

Trump and Cohen tried to meet Putin in 2015
When Putin was visiting New York for the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, Cohen and Trump referred to as Individual 1

Robert Mueller’s investigation exposed illegal schemes across international borders and produced more than 100 criminal charges. Here are the indictments so far.

Federal prosecutors have concluded that Donald Trump directed a criminal conspiracy with Michael Cohen violations

He wants to be king, but he's really the lying king - The king of nothing...

When he was seventeen he dreamed of being king
And having everything he wanted
But that was long ago and
His dreams did not unfold so
He's still the king of nothing
When he was seventeen he dreamed I gave a ring to
A pretty queen and then he held her
But that was slumber's fault for
He has no love at all and
He's still the king of nothing
If he could rule he'd lie his cares away
Find romance every day
I wouldn't have to listen to this poor fool say
Who's the KING?