The First Hurrah

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/06/2021 - 05:33

We The People voted and American democracy will continue to prevail as our founders designed the process to take place. This is the first hurrah for the Democrats, but it's the last one for President-elect Jow Biden. Many keep asking when this moron marathon end and the answers are technically today, but realistically at the inaugural.

Shortly after noon or precisely at 1P a date and time spelled out in the law, The Speaker of the US House of Representatives will gavel the joint session to order. then the sergeant-at-arms will announce the arrival of US Senators and The Vice President, who will preside as the president of the Senate.

The Electoral College certificates will arrive in mahogany boxes and used for this purpose since 1877. They were prepared by the legislatures in all 50 states and the District of Columbia on December 14, when the electors cast their official ballots for president and vice president reflecting the results of the election in their states.

The Republicans may decide to turn the proceedings into a political circus, but will not do much to change the final outcome. In the final analysis, Joe Biden will become POTUS46 as the political drama focuses on an aging politician who is embarking on his final term of real public service, not playing golf, watching TV, and embracing Russia’s Putin and other American foes.

This is a new decade for democratic values. One reader said Jim Crow is beaten, but not yet dead. We must still carry on. Others wrote The Republicans are responsible for the national conversion into the American Fascist Party. 
They went along w/every racist, extremist, authoritarian, mobbed-up policy the GOP fascists cooked up. 

Trump rioters broke into the US Capitol and it is now payback. authorities are clearing the Capitol as peacefully and removing the mob from the seat of the legislative branch of our government. Congress should finish counting the electoral votes, and once completed they may Impeach POTUS again in The US House of Representatives, and convict him in the Senate.