Tis The Season

Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 12:32

This is the season to be jolly, so why do so many Americans appear to be disappointed with the USA political state of affairs?

Have you noticed that while Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin are busy terrifying Communism Joe Biden keeps trying to unify Democracies?

The simple fact is that it is the season, as in, it is the time for parties and presents, and as Thanksgiving and Christmas appear we plan to be celebrating nonstop till it’s a Happy News Year?🎈 But don't party too much because there are dangers abound.

The statement "'Tis the season" is simply a way of drawing focus to the festive time of the year which is currently underway. 'Tis the Season for Giving, sharing, and being at peace with ourselves and loved ones.

During a time of crisis, most people tend to band together. However, the pandemic has not been a time of healing and unity. Debates over lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination has exacerbated opinions and created unhealthy divisions.

Whether this nation has lost patience and trust in democracy or is ready for a conversation about the dangers of autocratic rule remains to be seen but must be dealt with sooner or later. Don't fall for fake, transactional, deceitful BS.

Totalitarianism governments are ruled under a political system that prohibits all opposition parties, outlaws any individuals who question the State or any of its claims, or by exercising an extremely high degree of control and regulation over public and private lives.

Look around and see that many nations are adopting restrictive policies that may not be of concern to you in the immediate future, but they will eventually affect you.

Take the time to think and open your mind. It is not only Russia, China, and North Korea, The Saudis, and the Philippines but also near our own backyard in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua or Brazil. In many of these nations, whenever  you disagree, you cease to be free and or you disappear in other cases... And so it goes.

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