City Island, NYC Foodies


City Island, The Bronx as well as all of the other boroughs in NYC enjoys the status of having some of the best restaurants in the United States to — who else? — New York City. This is a no-brainer when you consider that NYC has more than 23,000 restaurants.

New York is tops for sheer variety of dining options. This melting pot of a city offers every kind of ethnic cuisine from the most excellent Spanish Restaurants, Seafood Dining, Jewish Delis and Dim Sum Cafeterias, to Falafel stands and Pizza joints in nearly each and every neighborhood.

We Boast Some of The Best US Hospitals


The Bronx Bombers and Lots More for Sports Fans


City Island's close proximity to Yankee Stadium, along with The NY Mets and other home teams, makes this one of the top cities in the country for major leaguel sports. After all, the Big Apple has a total of nine professional sports teams that make up a list of the who’s who in sports history. Between the Mets, Yankees, Jets, Giants, and the Knicks, New York City also counts some of the most wildly-committed sports fanatics to enjoy these games.

CIMAGES Celebrates One of Our Own


CIMAGES wishes to congratulate City Island's Barbara Dolensek, along with 24 other local ladies, who were awarded 2011 Bronx Influential Women. For over thirty years, Barbara has been an active and proud resident of City Island. The local widow is an editor to at the City Island Current, where she is dedicated to this unique community.

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NY Corgressman Owns Up To Lies


After days of denials, US Rep. Anthony Weiner has confessed about tweeting a photo of his bulging underpants to a young woman, and he also admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six other women before and after his marriage. Although he apologized for lying he was defiant about keeping his job and said he wouldn't quit.

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Successful City Island Street Fair


The Annual City Island Art and Crafts Fair was a wonderful event to attend, if you happened to be fortunate enough to visit that charming community on this lovely weekend. Local residents and visitors enjoyed strolling along several blocks along both sides of City Island Ave. There was lots of interesting merchandise on display and also for sale, live music and as always, many local restaurants serving fresh and delicious sea food.

Meet Our Public Representatives


Jimmy Vacca is a life-long resident of the Bronx. He was born and raised in nearby Pelham Bay and educated in the New York City public school system, where he attended P.S. 71, J.H.S. 101, and then Christopher Columbus High School. Jimmy earned his bachelors degree from the State University of New York, and a Masters degree in Urban Studies from CUNY Queens College.

Executive Producer Spotted at City Island Street Fair


The two day City Island Fair was a success this year. The weather was fabulous and so was the attendance.
One of the people who enjoyed the event was NYC Council member Jimmy Vacca, who was accompanied by a higher ranking VIP. No it was not Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo, or President Obama. That attractive and delightful lady who arrived with our favorite councilman was none other than his proud mom.

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