Headlines 9/10/11


9/11 10th ANNIVERSARY. Never Forget.

NYC LOCK-DOWN. Heightened Security Steps.

NEW YORK CITY CENTER. Protection or Under Siege?

FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUES. Are Our Civil Rights In Peril?

JACKIE KENNEDY VS KING. No Love For Martin Luther King, Jr.

City Island Community Center, or Personal Piggy Bank?


As a long-time resident of City Island, a true and total owner of a condo at The Old Schoolhouse - PS 17, located at 190 Fordham Street, I am very concerned about how the City Island Community Center has not fulfilled it’s mission: to provide our City Island community a space for City Island residents to celebrate through educational, cultural and artistic events produced by and for City Islanders.

9/11 Then and Now - Heightened Security, Hype or Hypocrisy?


On September 11, 2001 the global Jihadist movement attacked our world, as we knew it and our consciousness, as we lived it. Now, ten years later, thanks in part to the Arab Spring and the Navy Seals killing Osama bin Laden, that group appears to be in crisis. Western-backed dictators are finally falling, so you would think that Al Qaeda might be closer to its goal of defeating the infidels and building Islamic states. But the revolutions have empowered the group's chief rivals: Islamist parliamentarians, who are more prone to use ballots, than bullets.



Public safety officials are concerned that a dirty bomb may be deployed by terrorists. Police officials have set up checkpoints at our bridges and tunnels. Investigators throughout the Tri state area are also utilizing tactics and multiple strategies, which include searches and mobile radiation units in various locations, from Times Square to Lincoln Center and elsewhere.

According to the most recent poll, many New Yorkers continue to constantly think about the September 11 terrorist attack and many still do not feel safe.

New Yorkers On Alert


While the local tension increases, our area's heightened security does also. This, following a "credible" threat that terrorists may wish to unleash an attack on this anniversary of 9/11. Meanwhile, New Yorkers went to work today as police officers swarmed subway stations and bridges in a show of armed force.

Authorities are searching for 3 Al Qaeda terrorists who may be plotting here in NYC, or Washington, DC. These are "significant," but unconfirmed threat to these two cities, federal and state law enforcement say.



November 10, 2011: EAT . DRINK . DANCE . BCA . Bronx Council on the Arts 1738 Hone Ave Bronx, New York


Remembering 9/11


Were you in NYC? Do you recall where you were and what you're doing during 9/11 attacks?

City Island Images - CIMAGES Wants to hear from you - www.cimages.me

Headlines 9/8/11


TERROR ALERT. Long Weekend Ahead.

INTERPOL WARRANTS. Global Khadafy Search.

OBAMA JOBS PROGRAM. Or Campaign Speech?


CENTRAL TEXAS FIRES. Prompting Forced Evacuations.

NORTHEAST FLOODING. Susquehanna River Waters Receding.

US Congressman José E. Serrano


US Congressman José E. Serrano reacted to President Obama’s speech on jobs and the economy tonight saying “the renewed focus on jobs is long overdue.” Like much of the nation, Serrano’s district is suffering economically, and residents are in need of jobs.



America's federal government terrorism officials are currently investigating reports of 9/11 anniversary threat which is credible, but unconfirmed. Also, counter-terrorism officials are still assessing a new report of a threat of an attack in major US cities like New York or Washington, DC by using car or truck bombs, timed to take place near the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to several officials briefed on the matter.

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