Between a Brick Wall and Hard Steel Plates

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/31/2018 - 09:25

USA taxpayers have been listening to lies for too long and this may be the right time for Americans to make a collective new years resolution and demand government in the sunshine.

This nation needs truthful, ethical and law-abiding elected officials to fully understand their entire job description. They work for -We The People and must take the meaning of the term public service seriously.

We all pay taxes which are used to fund the government. Their responsibility is to tell the whole truth, avoid waste, corruption and so-called pork projects as well as other problems which may appear to be in conflict with our democratic principles of liberty and justice for all.

How many times were we told that Mexico would pay for the wall? These and other bait an switch statements must stop now from conservatives and liberal leaders as well. Reach and to public servants and practice digital democracy in the future.

Demand that our government officials stop stoking fear and hate stop arming and funding wars which cause mass displacement to welcome all refugees as it is our international obligation

These messages are clear and we must insist on it. ASAP. It’s not A wall or The Wall. This administration wants some wall. Here and there. Also some steel fencing, or slats according to the messages and tweets, as well as some other stuff.

Why has our government been shut down for double digitt days because of a wall of greed and hate towards other races to gain power and resources have been destroyed for generations this must STOP NOW.

There has been too much talked about the wall as metaphors of bodily damage and impurity. Depersonalizing immigrants, which we all are is also indicative of deep personal fears. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Our Republican-controlled government along with POTUS gave a massive tax cut to the wealthy and now they freeze the pay of 800K middle-class federal workers many of whom are not getting paid during the Trump #GOP Shutdown. This shows who they really care about and who they are fighting for.

Building a wall along the 2,000-mile - 3,200-kilometer US-Mexico border was central for Trump's election campaign, and has tweeted about it over one thousand 100 times. Now some say it is a metaphor and what he wants is to build a wall of hate.

One of the last adults who are leaving the administration today is US General Kelley, A former Marine officer who led the military command responsible for Latin America. He was also Trump's Homeland Security Secretary before becoming White House chief of staff. His relationship with the president deteriorated, and he is to be replaced by Mick Mulvaney, the current budget director.

"Illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly, are not bad people," adding that many had been manipulated by traffickers. "I have nothing but compassion for them, the young kids."

The remarks were in sharp contrast to the rhetoric of the president who regularly appeals to his overwhelmingly white political base by taking a hard line on immigration.

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