LA and NYC Safer


Location, location, location. The murder rate in American cities is deeply connected to individual neighborhoods. In some jurisdictions, local policies, police tactics, gangs, and socio-economic factors turn some areas particularly deadly.

In other locations, officials and communities leaders have highly-localized solutions to keep gun violence down.

The FBI says homicides in the US rose about 9% last year, and more than one-third of the increase appears to be concentrated in Chicago and Baltimore neighborhoods.

Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?


Principal for a day did not go the same way he wanted it to play, so he decided to drive away. How was a fifth grader in The Bronx able to put a clueless leader in his place. Leave it to an eleven-year-old Latino to tell it like it really is.

And did he learn anything? Was was his overall takeaway no dialogue, just monologue and multiple Tweetstorms?

Celebrity Visits Show What's Missing in City Schools

Washington DC Follies


You must be delusional if you really believe this is going to be a very happy new year. And it points all the way to King Lear, written by Shakespeare about a descent into madness after bequeathing to his kids based on their flattery of him, and thereby bringing tragic consequences for all. A man who prefers to use fear, but masters something more near and dear... GOLF?

Global Food Traditions


2018 is the beginning of another year and it brings family and friends together around tables for meal feasts of traditional food and customs around the world. Different countries have different New Year's meals and recipes including food with a variety of explanations for symbolism. There is also common "lucky" food eaten on the New Year Eve or Day worldwide, such as pork in the US, Cuba and several other countries. The following are the places I have visited and therefore know best.

Adios Chocolate


Chocolate has been a typically sweet treat, usually brown and a delicious food preparation of cacao seeds, roasted and ground. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods. Some can't live without it.

Most folks know that we get vanilla from a bean that is produced by an orchid. Ah, but where does the chocolate that goes into our candies, cakes, and sweets come from? Contrary to what we might have been told as kids, chocolate milk doesn’t come from chocolate cows.

Full of Crap?


Theere are many reasons why so many people in the US are full of crap. One person’s definition of constipation may mean going a few times per week. Another’s might be pooping a couple of times a day, but still has an incomplete evacuation, with a feeling of pressure and they didn't get all their crap down and out.

For some like me, a morning cup of coffee transitions seamlessly to our daily defecations. But if you have poop problems, evacuating your bowels can remain elusive, achieved only through a studied regimen of straining, grunting, and camping out on the john.

2018 Premier Edition


Happy New Year to you from all of us who have worked to bring all of you City Images for the past six years.
Since our launch, our constant readers have grown in the tenths of thousands and we welcome all of you back.

We're extremely proud to share this new year edition of City Images published from the middle of somewhere in New York City that doesn't get much attention, but that's the way the locals like it. We call City Island is a slice of NYC paradise. Life is short and precious so don't let it go to waste, and enjoy our information content.

Global Security Alert


Cities all over the world are on high alert for New Year's Eve. Hundreds of thousands of public safety, military and security officials are deployed around the globe to keep New Year's Eve revelers safe to welcome 2018. According to statistics, there have been 1,125 international terrorist attacks, resulting in 7,580 fatalities so far this year.

Radical Rights


My innermost deepest algorithm confirms that I'm no fan of flying, after a fair share of crazy flights to last a lifetime. But a twelve-hour coast to coast tour took Yirong and me thru connecting flights in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City, plus the mandatory six hours in the air, and the time change was all worth it to be with family.

Deadly Bronx Blaze


At least 12 New Yorkers are dead as a result of a fire which took the lives of people ranging in ages from 1 to 63 years old. The Bronx historic fire is considered the worst in a quarter of a century and occurred inside a building near The Brox Zoo.

Four kids among 12 killed in in New York City apartment fire

Fire in New York City apartment block kills 12 including four children

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