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The GOP once railed against the deficit, so why does the new Republican tax plan piles on more than $2 trillion in red ink?

Democrats say Trump's tax plan will almost definitely make you worse-off. The GOP tax plan actually raises taxes on millions of middle-class families by repealing the state and local tax deduction, a real Trumping Tax thumping. Republicans need to stop misleading Americans and tell the truth: their tax plan will raise taxes on middle-class families. Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOP’s, would actually help working families

USA Precedents


These earlier events are regarded as examples to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

US President Richard Nixon first uttered the now infamous phrase, "I am not a crook." Nixon made the declaration during a press conference in Orlando, Fla., amid charges related to the Watergate break-in and subsequent scandal and resignation from office. "I'm not a crook"

World Teacher Day


On this #WorldTeachersDay I am thinking of and thanking my students for their support and dedication to learning the ropes, which will help them shape their future and make our world a better place. is the largest online destination for professor ratings. Users have added more than 19 million ratings, 1.7 million professors and over 7,500 schools to

Wake Up Dreamers


#DACA #Dreamers must get renewals in today Call Reps: (202)224-3121 to BEG for an extension. Today is the scheduled deadline to renew whose status expires before 3/5/18.

The Trump administration says they will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, with a six-month delay. The decision represents a blow to young undocumented immigrants known as 'dreamers' who were shielded from deportation under DACA.



Crime scene investigation needed for The United States of America. Why are the special interests winning over the American public? It appears that all our problems have a common cause, special interests are ruining our quality of life and unless stopped, may devastate any hope for our children.

Why are American citizens allowing organizations receiving special advantages, typically through political lobbying? Reach out with your ideas, suggestions, and demands to make it crystal clear they work for all of US.

Lost Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada 60 horrific hours later, his motive is lost and vague so far. The real question is why Stephen Paddock amassed all the firearms inside his hotel room before firing down on a crowd of about 20,000 concertgoers late Sunday. Las Vegas shooting: Marilou Danley's relatives speak out

The mystery of mass shootings. Solving The Mystery Of A Mass Shooter

Did anti-anxiety drugs play a role? Solving The Mystery Of A Mass Shooter

#PuertoRico #POTUS


POTUS visits Puerto Rico for the first time since Hurricane Maria devastated the island last month. He visits during growing tensions with local Puerto Rican officials, most notably San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, over relief efforts.

He witnesses storm damage from Hurricane Maria after Trump attacked Puerto Rican officials who criticized the federal storm response. Everyone will be watching to see how he is received on the US island. As of this week, more than half of the island's 3.4 million people don't have access to drinking water and only 5% have power.

Donald Trump is visiting Puerto Rico after criticizing the islanders as wanting "everything to be done for them"

FEMA has yet to authorize full disaster help for Puerto Rico

Trump heads to Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage

Tax Reform?


During the last debt-ceiling crisis, business leaders sought a grand bargain to raise revenue and cut spending in the manner proposed by the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission.

The tax-reform proposal announced by the White House and the GOP will do the opposite, adding trillions of dollars to US debt. If the business community still believes in fiscal responsibility, now is the time to speak up and say you're the boss.



While most Americans watched the disastrous devastation in Puerto Rico on their television, or computer screens, US citizens in that enchanted Caribbean island experienced it up close and personal.

44-year-old Josue Rivera is an American citizen, a military veteran, a New York City resident. He recently endured many sleepless nights following hurricane Maria.

92 Street Y


The legendary CBS TV News anchors take a probing look at today’s journalism and those who practice it as they discuss Bob Schieffer’s new book, Overload.

From the explosion of fake news to the challenges of the 24-hour news cycle, they’ll take an inside look at the changing role of media and ask whether today’s citizens are more informed — or just overwhelmed. And they’ll ask how well do today’s journalists believe they are carrying out their responsibility to provide Americans with the information they need to be good citizens.

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