Tax Day USA


President Trump says he can not release his taxes because he is being audited, but his most recent taxes which were due to be filed today can not be under audited so quickly right?

What's wrong with a leader who seeks tax reform, but refuses to share his own forms?

Democrats celebrate Tax Day by trolling Trump on Twitter: “What is POTUS hiding?”

Nationwide Manhunt Ends


The FBI was involved in a coast to coast Manhunt for a so-called FACEBOOK Weekend Shooter. The shocking videos of Steve Stephens, the Cleveland shooting suspect showed him talking about his despair over gambling debts and relationship problems with his girlfriend are supposedly why he wants to kill innocent people.

Facebook killer takes his own life as police close in

Suspect in Facebook video murder kills self in Pennsylvania: police

Jungle Primary


All eyes are on a political Tarzan of the Georgia jungle Tuesday. A nonpartisan blanket primary election in which all candidates for the same elected office, regardless of respective political affiliation run against each other at once, instead of being segregated by political party.

Happy Easter


HAPPY EASTER was the Pontiff's global message as Pope Francis celebrated #Easter Mass at Vatican City's St Peter's Square, in Rome, Itlay. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, California, meet all my "Angels" aka grandchildren Elena, Chloe, Sophia, Parker, and Olivia celebrated our family affair.

Pope on Easter: cling to faith amid wars and hatred

Pope begins Easter Sunday mass with faithful subjected to heightened security #EasterSunday

We Don't Need No Stinking... Assault Riffles


Why is it that a decade after the slaughter at Virginia Tech it seems that it is easier now to purchase a firearm? Contact your representative and voice your opinions.

Virginia Tech 10th Anniversary: Trump repeals gun component of regulation passed in wake of the 2007 massacre

A Virginia Tech professor explains how Trump might respond to school shootings

Opinion: "My father was killed at Virginia Tech. I’m still fighting the NRA’s dangerous agenda"

Dose Of News


This is our world of real news and verifiable digital information content.




Giraffe Finally Gives Birth on Tax day April 15th, 2017...

Congratulations to April And welcome to the world baby Giraffe.

April the Giraffe, an Internet Star, Gives Birth. Finally.

10 Burning Questions We Still Have After April the Giraffe Gives Birth

April the giraffe welcomes much-anticipated calf @CNN

We Don't Need No Stinking... Tax Cuts


As Tax Day quickly approaches, step by step, inch by inch... Americans' limited knowledge about the U.S. tax code can shift public opinions about paying taxes and why some are proud to pay, while others never pay and some refuse to say.

Tax Day marches aim to pressure Trump to release his returns

Americans still want to see Trump's tax returns. And some are about to protest over it.

Are your taxes “fair”?



Walking 10,000 steps a day is recommended for adults to engage in 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, such as brisk walking. The average adult walks around 6K steps a day.

Some scientists have found the relationship between metabolic risk in adults and the time spent sitting, standing and stepping have not been well established.

Studies continue aimed to determine associations of objectively measured time spent sitting, standing, and stepping, with coronary heart disease.

Who Do You Trust?


Back in the 50's, a young Johnny Carson hosted the famed TV show called "Who Do You Trust?" Fall 1959 Louie/Loa vs. Henry/Dorothy vs. Lt. Don/Charlotte

Here is a vintage episode of who Do You Trust, a banter-style game show in the style of You Bet Your Life from the fall of 1959. Who Do You Trust? Fall 1959

Nowadays, YouTube poses a similar question. For example, @realdonaldtrump said he loved WikiLeaks. Last year, Donald Trump said, "I love WikiLeaks!" 10/10/16

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