NEWS Weekend

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Because you asked for it #Horsemen of #NoteFromDONg ~ A new feature segment that’s informative and entertaining.

Congress investigates with subpoenas as it circles the GOP wagon to learn about the #Republican plan of destruction.

#DONews @DOSEONEWS - Weekend in Review

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Once a week - Weekend in Review



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Here is how we can stay entertained and happy during these trying times of COVID. Understand that there is great fun in being with our partner and loving the one we're with.

Imagination and the potential of something we want then in the actual appearance of it. I spend hours daydreaming about being with my family once again, my wife, or old pals, as I’ve learned to love myself and become my own best friend.

GOP Stooges and Snitches?

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A US House of Representatives committee investigating the 1/6/21 insurrection at the Capitol issued its first Congressional subpoenas, demanding records and testimony from the former guy's advisers and followers.

Will the @GOP stooges resist their legal subpoenas? Will every one of them secretly demand to testify behind closed doors?

How can the #Republicans continue to make spurious claims of executive privilege? Will each one of them delay, lie and deny but at the end of the day, all their defenses will die?

Stop Polling

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POTUS polls claim President Biden's approval ratings have declined, likely in response to the avalanche of problematic press coverage of the disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan and the apparent infinity of the pandemic. Biden's approval is still just ahead of the highest level Trump reached after the first week of his presidency. But this column is about the problem of media polls. It's also not about how most polls have gone wrong in the last election, but how some of them are always wrong, and what that should mean for news organizations.

Bolsonaro UN Super Spreader

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The government of Brazil's health minister just tested positive for #COVID19 in NYC for The United Nations General Assembly. 

He is part of ’s delegation to the UN with @jairbolsonaro, who refused to vaccinate and keeps violating #NYC Mayor @BilldeBlasio’s indoor vax mandate.

The Generation Gap

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The generation gap or generational gap is a difference of opinions between generations about beliefs, politics, or values.

In present-day usage, the generation gap often refers to a perceived gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.

A generation gap is defined as the different thoughts and worldviews held by different generational cohorts.

Impotent GOP Irrelevant

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The former guy’s tweets had come to be known as increasingly impotent while his irrelevant lies were growing greater day by day.

Yesterday's news was fully vetted but it is now history, so how can we best characterize the GOP's last four years of Republican rule?


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My two favorite Tocayo journalists have just released their latest pages written about the lost Whitehouse Years. The book is PERIL

Robert Costa is an American journalist. He is a national political reporter for The Washington Post, a political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, and the former moderator of Washington Week on PBS.

International Peace Day

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Each and every year humanity observe the International Day of Peace which is celebrated around the world on 21 of September.

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly unanimously voted to designate the Day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire.

21 Day of September

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Today Is the 21st of September, which means it may be time to listen and delve into the Earth, Wind & Fire classic smash hit.

But do you remember why the band happened to chose the 21st as the date for the song? Many assume it has to do with the seasons changing September 21 is the first day of Autumn. It happens to be the international day of peace. The simple reality is that it rhymes nicely..