Dr. Death, Advocate for Assisted Suicide Dies

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the central figure in our nation's drama surrounding assisted suicide, died today in Mich.
He was 83 and had been hospitalized with pneumonia and a recurring kidney condition. Dr. Kevorkian, a medical pathologist who challenged social taboos about disease and dying, defied prosecutors, as well as the courts so he could help terminally ill patients end their lives at times of their own choosing.

Marketing Hunt Makes Points

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The Hunts Point market is staying in The Bronx. Rejecting aggressive overtures from The State of New Jersey, the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative agreed to extend its lease for three years and to work on a long-term deal with the city... This is the largest such market with revenues exceed $2 billion dollars annually, more than any other Produce Terminal Market on earth.

Bronx Tow Truck Drivers Arrested

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New York City Police officials identified over a dozen local suspects after arrests were made and individuals charged with grand larceny auto and criminal possession of stolen property. Other tow truck drivers were charged with falsifying records.

These tow truck drivers, who were working independently, made about $500 for every car they dumped as scrap metal at New England Auto Parts in the Bronx, according to police. They got away with the scam by using phony information on NY-DMV forms, which allows cars worth less than $1250 and eight years or older to be scrapped.

Wall Street Woes - Stocks Slump on Bleak Economic Reports

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Stocks on Wall Street slumped more than 2.2 percent and Treasury yields fell sharply on Wednesday as new economic statistics sent a bleak picture of the employment and manufacturing sectors. This ends a four-day rally with the worst day since August. Maybe more losses as investors see signs the economic recovery is fading.

First Fridays @ The Mansion

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Another Friday, June 3 5:30-to-8:30 p.m. Live Music Concert at 7 p.m.
Enjoy the magic of the mansion this summer evening with music by the Primavera Consort.
Tour the mansion, stroll the garden, enjoy refreshments, and hop on the free Bronx Seaside Trolley
for a delightful ride to from and back to City Island.

Primavera Consort, is an early music ensemble that will perform pieces by Vivaldi,
Handel, Telemann, Bach, and others in the mansion's elegant double parlors at 7P
Consort members include Lawrence Zukof, recorders; Drew Santini, baritone;
Rick Erickson, harpsichord; and Susan Iadone, viola da gamba.

Celebrate All Our Children

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Today is one of various days chosen to honor our most precious beings. International Children Day on June 1, as adopted by Communist nations, USA celebrates it on the second Sunday of June. Japan celebrates it the fifth day of the fifth month, Universal Children Day is November 20, as declared by UN. The Day for all Children is often celebrated on other days as well. Let's celebrate each child, everywhere on earth.
National Children’s Day
The websites www.NationalChildrensDay.us and www.ChildrensDay.us are portals for the expansion and revival of Children's Day on the second Sunday in June in the United States, by giving faith, hope, love, and commitment to our children.

Severe Weather

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According to forecasters, severe storms are headed towards us this afternoon with warnings that perhaps tornadoes could hit NYC.

The National Weather Service has announced that conditions are marginally favorable for twisters to form.

Watches have been issued in neighboring NYC counties, including Nassau and Westchester. Dickman with a five percent chance of twisters in the area. The chances of severe thunderstorms are much higher until 6 p.m.

Medical Resources

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* Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - www.ahrq.gov
* Merck Source - www.mercksource.com (English)
* Enciclopedia Multimedia - www.mercksource.com (Español)
* What is mesothelioma? The Mesothelioma Center - www.asbestos.com
* New York City Health Insurance Link - www.nyc.gov/hilink
* Community Health Care Association of New York State — www.chcanys.org
* National Association of Community Health Centers — www.nachc.org
* Primary Care Development Corporation — www.pcdcny.org
* American Heart Association — www.americanheart.org

Plans Presented for a New City Island Senior Center

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Italian Hospital Society, the organization led by Dr. Domenico Mignone, MD, held an informational meeting at City Island Community Center last night. The doctor and his group were seeking Civic Association support for the creation of another City Island Home for the Aged. The Society is responsible for building the first Italian Hospital in Manhattan, catering to New York’s immigrant population, back in the late 1930s.