¡Bienvenidos Amigos! 欢迎各界朋友 Huānyíng gèjiè péngyǒu

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US government Census figures validate what many have known for years. Hispanics and Asians are driving the growth and redefining the makeup of this great nation.

These same figures also pointed to the 50 million milestone and the amazing growth beyond metropolitan communities with large Hispanic hubs.

We understand the Latino and Asian communities and will continue to be at the forefront of promoting multicultural and multilingual education.

City Island Images is offering low cost language and culture educational programs. Contact:

IMAGINUS PO Box 147 City Island Station New York City, New York # 10464
or write an e-mail to:

Multilingual Education includes bilingual, English as a second language and foreign language instruction.

Daily small group lessons are offered at every level. Small group instruction provides opportunities for students to apply the skills they learn and for teachers
to re-teach skills as needed.